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  1. am getting blank topics when users post, when i edit and save i see it again..why!?

    1. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      Status updates are not a support channel, please make a post in a support forum or open a ticket.

  2. bad user looking for warez stuff!

  3. doing services for CommunitySEO to reditect ALL links, pm me!

    1. SKDown


      also converting from ipb to vb/vbseo! save all ur links and google traffic!

  4. full rating is just a bother, the +1/-1 is just enough and it is good! yet i agree with you, their is no history for those who rated or diagrams, i guess mods can be done for such purpose. but if you ask me, this shouldn't get between you and having this amazing IPB! simply make a request and trust me ipb team will do it if this is a deal breaker.
  5. got my GRE exam soon :/

  6. IP.Ads

    can you confirm this? what are your sources?
  7. 3.1.2 is stable

  8. Cleaner HTML Output

    i assume you all are concerned on one part which is the html output,.. what about the javascripts and css?
  9. Cleaner HTML Output

    what about javascripts loaded for guests where they don't need it?
  10. Cleaner HTML Output

    have you checked my attached file? is this how a code is organized? i am not that much bothered, but from what i can read, i see javascripts for posting purposes loaded as well for guests. too much tabs where it isn't needed.
  11. why we can't reply to status anymore!?

    2. JahLion


      i can also may be you're PC broken lol

    3. Fishfish0001


      Apparenty if you get Mod Q'ued then you can't reply. Try contacting IPS staff about it.

  12. Cleaner HTML Output

    hello, thanks for the reply, i agree with what you said, but i don't think the attached file and the way of indenting have anything to do with it. also, this applies to all skins. some javascripts are totally useless for guests!
  13. IP.Nexus Second Pre-Sale

    how many copies they sold in 24 hours?
  14. IPB 1.3.1 > IPB 3

    converting is effortless.