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  1. After over 4 years running the site with over 18,000 Members and 150,000 Posts, it would help us greatly to have the Report Center added to the Advanced Search Form. Maybe something like, this? We now have just over 800 Reports archived in the Report Center along with countless replies added to each by the Add Comment tab to go through. Having the ability to use the Search Form would be a very big help and a much needed tool to add to IP Board for our Staff here. Thank You!
  2. Checking out the Status Box....

  3. I only just upgraded to v3.0.5 from v.2.3.6 and not checked out how v3.x.x of the payment gateway works (I assume it's basically the same) but I do recall there is an option for the user to cancel the current subscription they have themselves and then subscribe to another package or even upgrade their current package they are subscribed to. Some of these options may only be available depending on which payment gateway you use. Hopefully someone that really knows what they are talking about will give you a reply here.
  4. IP.Subscriptions 1.0.0 Beta 3 Available

    I have one question for this Subscription Manager for 3.x of IP Board.... I curently run IPB 2.3.6 and the Subscription Manager is what keeps my Forum on-line. I lease a dedicated server in Denmark and pay thorugh PayPal in Euros. So to keep track of the balance and not worry about currency exchanges, I hacked the SM in 2.3.6 so it only accepts payments in Euros and does not give an option to pay in other currencies to the Members.....and I only use PayPal to accept payments from the Membership in the SM...FYI. I would like to know if I can disable any and all currencies that I do not want to receive payments in? I could not cut the list down to just one currency in 2.3.6.....I can only add to the list and not remove any of the default currencies on this.....thanks!