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  1. TheSonic added a post in a topic Why are Designzshop skins removed from Marketplace?   

    I don't know, but found this on his Homepage:
  2. TheSonic added a topic in Community Administration Tips   

    Age Verification Systems
    have some of you expieriences with Age Verification Systems?

    To clarify: We start a new project (using IPS, off course ) with topic horror movies.(so - NO P***  ) In germany, in some cases it may be necessary to verify, that useres are 18+ (we just get that sorted by a lawyer - so this is not a topic here).

    Do anybody know a reputable age verificaton system (no nasty p***-stuff please )

    Some siteowners requiere to send them copys of passports - but in the digital world, i don't like it...  
    Thanks for any hint  
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  3. TheSonic added a post in a topic Free SSL   

    Never heard of that before, but sounds very promising (nice sponsors so far  )
    Thanks for sharing
  4. TheSonic added a post in a topic Opening the forum up to Non-License holders has - like IPS's Client Lounge - a special area for their clients. It's called "Licensed customer feedback".

    I like the way it is - here and there 
  5. TheSonic added a post in a topic Is it plugin for IPB to verify users by Mobile Number Text Message?   

    I have not seen this for IPB3 and IPS4.
    Do you think, it's a good idea? to be honest, i would never enter my real mobile number to verify for "normal" webpages... I even do not for big sites like facebook.
    It's easy to generate a fakenumber just to receive the textmessage via several websites... So, if i want to register on a site, the chance is much bigger to enter one of my real email-adresses than my real mobile number (i really protect this number)... If i REALLY want to register on such sites (happened 2 times), i use one of the fake numbers available on websites - if i do bussines with them and trust them, i off course use my real number, but i never got calls from such people.
    I know a lot people thinking my way, so i think it's not a good idea, because "normal" users are scared and will deny to register.
    But, off course, this is up to you.... Just my 2 cents.
  6. TheSonic added a post in a topic took a visit to the vbulletin forum and was surprised   

    To be honest, i don't think vB5 is that bad - it's working fine for me - they just started to early with gold.
    I still own 3 licenses.

    I moved most of my sites to IPS, because i love to have ONE suite from ONE company. I never had trouble upgrading sites to new versions (and i love to do this ), because iPS always take care everything is compatible.
    I need a CMS, a Forum, a Gallery and Downloads... (still have Nexus on two site, just to be complete...and the blogs )yeah.... and i got what i needed without taking care of 3rdParties.
    XenForo is too much a forum (i also own and run a license with it)... But i think, IPS is on the right road. I just bought another license with Core+Pages only, because i really do NOT need a forum on every website... Good thing.
  7. TheSonic added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Sitemap-Configuration in Offlinemode
    If you want to change the sitemap-settings, this error comes up after saving settings, if the site is in offline mode:
    Please enter a valid URL for the sitemap.php file
    After putting the site back online, it's working fine.
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  8. TheSonic added a post in a topic i buy "IP.Content" where i can download it?   

    If you use IPB3: The forums are a requiered app, so you need to download and install it.
    If you use IPS4: IP.Content is called IP.Pages. You just need the core and IP.Pages, forums are no longer mandatory.
  9. TheSonic added a post in a topic Favorite Browser?   

    Chrome is my favorite and i use it daily. Before, it was Firefox.
  10. TheSonic added a post in a topic [Sharing] [Email] major security vulnerability (Guests)   

    Wooo... I missed that one! Thank you very much for sharing.
  11. TheSonic added a post in a topic Bug Tracker   

    ​Thanks for your advice - you may be right and i am normally chilled - but i just feel left alone. Reading your post helps, you were probablly in the same boat
    We tried to fix the bug, but we have to apply the code every release they make. I am a big fan of the rapid releases, because most of them make things better. But it's a pain to apply the code everytime a update is released... Yeah... Seems the only way is to wait a little bit more.  '
  12. TheSonic added a post in a topic Bug Tracker   

    ​Same here until this bug happens... i recommend IPS to a LOT of people and still do, but leaving bugs unsolved - AND UNANSWERED - is not the right way - it never happend to me... Even Lindy said, it's not normal it takes that long to solve bugs....Now, antoher two weeks later, nothing happens... Don't get me wrong and sorry if it sounds harsh.... But i really don't know how i can take teir attention to such bugs. It's "client-impacting" for me... and yes, i waited, because they told me, it's not priority and i accepted that. But 8 weeks is bit to heavy. Even if it's not solved, but i think just an answer would be not too much for a customer.... 
  13. TheSonic added a post in a topic Bug Tracker   

    ​I submitted a bugreport and 3 tickets in the last 8 weeks about a "clientimapcting" issue.... No one cares.... All IPS cares about is my creditcardnumber taking the renewals (happend last night). Yeah, 8 weeks means IPS denies support for 1/3 of a support-period (6 months). 
    Tell me how i can submit a "client-impacting" issue and see somebody watching about the issue. 
  14. TheSonic added a post in a topic IP Downloads regret and Ip Chat disappointment   

    Hm, there seems to be something wron on your site. IP.Downloads supports multiple categorys. You should tell us more details, so we know what happened (Errormessages, etc).
    This should not be a big deal Off course you can also put in a supportticket to staff...
    It's available to download for people with a active license from the clientarea  If it's missing, ask IPS-Accounting whats wrong with your account.

  15. TheSonic added a post in a topic Bug Tracker with 20 pages and growing. What is the plan IPS guys?   

    Good luck. I tried that, too and was told (two times) i have to wait until the bug is fixed in the tracker. It's open since 31.3. and still nothing happened.
    I was told, it's not a impacting bug for most sites...Ok, I was fine with that, but it's impacting my users. I waited again... Hard to believe bugs are not fixed in nearly 8 weeks - for paid software with paid supportplans !