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  1. TheSonic added a post in a topic Translate only one application or by parts as in v3.4   

    @titos : In the most cases, you are too fast Just type the name in lower case and do it sloooooow. After some letters, you will find the user's name...Just click on it and you are good 
  2. TheSonic added a post in a topic Translate only one application or by parts as in v3.4   

    We use this one:
  3. TheSonic added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Theme Override in Gallery Categories
    in the Forums (and IP.Pages), we are able to override Themes in categories - thats a great Thing.

    This should be added to Gallery (and perhaps also Downloads, so it's available in all apps )

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  4. TheSonic added a post in a topic [Missing] Birthday in registration screen   

    @Adriano Faria : Thanks for this plugin.... Any ideas for age-identificatoon-systems? 
  5. TheSonic added a post in a topic Chat or not?   

    Most communities i administrate (my own or as techadmin), don't use chats on daily basis... But it makes sense for events just like Oscars, Sports, TV-Shows, etc. In this Events, forums are a bit too slow....  Ideal for chats. But for normal topics and daily use, most users prefers forums IMHO, at least at communities and forum-sites. This may change, if you ask this at "chat-communities"  
  6. TheSonic added a post in a topic Awww. So many bugs in IPS...   

    Great to hear !  
  7. TheSonic added a post in a topic Awww. So many bugs in IPS...   

    You have to place this file where ever you are able to execute a php-script. Run it on the Shell or in the browser (so you have to place the file, where your browser are able to Access the file) Keep in mind that the script may take a bigger amount of time, so be sure to set the max execute time-Limits right.
    Backup your database and run the script. It will just go through your tables and replaces the corrupt chars. If the executionlimit is reached, it will just stop running - it should not break anything ....
    Before running, open the php-file and enter your Details here:
    $db['host'] = "dbhost"; $db['uname'] = "dbuser"; $db['password'] = "dbpassword"; $db['database'] = "dbname"; I saw your PM but just replied here...  We off course may continue by PM, if you prefer - no Problem.
  8. TheSonic added a post in a topic Awww. So many bugs in IPS...   

    ‌@Sebbo78: All right, ä/ö/ü,... are also "german ones", you may try to run this script:
    I still don't know why this happens sometimes, mostly it happens to older forums converted from other Software. Most databases were correctly setup and working well with IPB3 but Show the wrong chars in IPS4 (ä, ...)

    Feel free to contact me, if you need further assistance with this... We have some experience with this problem lately 
  9. TheSonic added a post in a topic Awww. So many bugs in IPS...   

    Hi @Sebbo78: I don't know about your problem, but if it's about german special chars, i may have a solution for you that helped others many times  
  10. TheSonic added a topic in Community Administration Tips   

    Age Verification Systems
    have some of you expieriences with Age Verification Systems?

    To clarify: We start a new project (using IPS, off course ) with topic horror movies.(so - NO P***  ) In germany, in some cases it may be necessary to verify, that useres are 18+ (we just get that sorted by a lawyer - so this is not a topic here).

    Do anybody know a reputable age verificaton system (no nasty p***-stuff please )

    Some siteowners requiere to send them copys of passports - but in the digital world, i don't like it...  
    Thanks for any hint  
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  11. TheSonic added a post in a topic Free SSL   

    Never heard of that before, but sounds very promising (nice sponsors so far  )
    Thanks for sharing
  12. TheSonic added a post in a topic Opening the forum up to Non-License holders has - like IPS's Client Lounge - a special area for their clients. It's called "Licensed customer feedback".

    I like the way it is - here and there 
  13. TheSonic added a post in a topic Is it plugin for IPB to verify users by Mobile Number Text Message?   

    I have not seen this for IPB3 and IPS4.
    Do you think, it's a good idea? to be honest, i would never enter my real mobile number to verify for "normal" webpages... I even do not for big sites like facebook.
    It's easy to generate a fakenumber just to receive the textmessage via several websites... So, if i want to register on a site, the chance is much bigger to enter one of my real email-adresses than my real mobile number (i really protect this number)... If i REALLY want to register on such sites (happened 2 times), i use one of the fake numbers available on websites - if i do bussines with them and trust them, i off course use my real number, but i never got calls from such people.
    I know a lot people thinking my way, so i think it's not a good idea, because "normal" users are scared and will deny to register.
    But, off course, this is up to you.... Just my 2 cents.
  14. TheSonic added a post in a topic took a visit to the vbulletin forum and was surprised   

    To be honest, i don't think vB5 is that bad - it's working fine for me - they just started to early with gold.
    I still own 3 licenses.

    I moved most of my sites to IPS, because i love to have ONE suite from ONE company. I never had trouble upgrading sites to new versions (and i love to do this ), because iPS always take care everything is compatible.
    I need a CMS, a Forum, a Gallery and Downloads... (still have Nexus on two site, just to be complete...and the blogs )yeah.... and i got what i needed without taking care of 3rdParties.
    XenForo is too much a forum (i also own and run a license with it)... But i think, IPS is on the right road. I just bought another license with Core+Pages only, because i really do NOT need a forum on every website... Good thing.
  15. TheSonic added a post in a topic i buy "IP.Content" where i can download it?   

    If you use IPB3: The forums are a requiered app, so you need to download and install it.
    If you use IPS4: IP.Content is called IP.Pages. You just need the core and IP.Pages, forums are no longer mandatory.