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  1. Joomla 3.4 to IPS4

    Hello, there are converters for Joomla: (Please note: Converters are for v3 of IPB not IPS4 (IPS4-Converters will be released later). But you are able to upgrade v3 to v4 after you migrated Joomla to IP.Content   I am currently not sure, if you are able to use different apps on different subdomains. But you may Redirect a subdomain to your new Installation pointing to the appropriate app, so users are able to use them. You may test all apps - including IP.Pages - in the demo:
  2. Yes, all active licenses are entitled to download IPS4  - just renew and enjoy   (BTW: You also get access to the latest 3.x releases - it's up to you what to use - i would prefer IPS4 )
  3. iOS App?

    The old app you mentioned was discontinued and is no longer available and maintained. IPS however plans to create a new mobile app for IPS4, but the app is not available at this time. (you find a topic with plans and ideas/discussions in the client's lounge (you need to have an active license to access this area) ) That said, IPS4 looks great in mobile Browseres itself
  4. Ipb 3 license and ipb4

    This is available for acive licenseholders. this is a decision by IPS and you need to ask them
  5. Did you restart httpd? I didn't (just forgot it) and on cli it said 7.45 and phpinfo said 7.16... After restarting, phpinfo was also on 7.45. I don't use SSL Image Proxy, but i think it has nothing to to with the insallation. Just check curl --version and PHPInfo  
  6. You may use the source or RPMs, but i am a yum-guy So, i just added the City-Fan-Repro in /etc/yum.repos.d/city-fan.repo [CityFan] name=City Fan Repo baseurl= enabled=1 gpgcheck=0 and run yum updte curl (warning: Running just yum update will install several other updates (perl, eg) ). After cURL is updated, just restart your Apache or whatever (you don't have to recompile PHP yourself, just restart httpd) and disable the repo (enable=0) -> Done So, it's an easy one Experiences are good, still some Problems, but now it works in most cases - my users love it (me too )
  7. On CentOS 6-series, default is  cURL 7.19... I upgraded it to 7.45 manually a few minutes ago... No more warnings during install/upgrade and it works much better - i'm interested what my users say (embedding worked, but often also failed... Testing after 7.45 was installed worked much better during my tests (no problems at all) ) curl 7.45.0 (x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu) libcurl/7.45.0  
  8. Upgrade from 3.4.6 to 4.1

    First Ressource can be found here: There are really a lot of instruction- and helptopics in the Client- and Supportareas (You can access them, if you login in with a client account owning an active license) That said... It isn't hard to upgrade. Uploading and callling the upgrade script.
  9. IP Downloads question

    No, not out of the box.
  10. No response for 3 days

    Still no response. Ticket opened on Thursday... 3 Bussinessdays. THANK yOU!
  11. No response for 3 days

    Same here. Bills payed, supporttickets left alone.
  12. Javascript Disabled / Offline Updates

    For the updates: You may Login to the clientarea and download the full package of the Software, so IPS4 will not contact the updateservers. But you will not be able to use delta-Upgrades or auto-Upgrades. Your Installation will contact IPS-Server for licensing, Spam Monitoring-Service, Chat, ... . Off course, you may block this requests but i see no sense doing so and don't know, if the Software is working correctly blocking these requests (i am sure IPS4 has to contact IPS-Servers at least for Licensekeyactivation)
  13. Customer Feedback

    Thanks for posting... 100% agree...  I know, there was sometimes situations i was not that happy, but they got it resolved and i never felt they don't care....
  14. Favorite Game

    It's impossible to choose a favorite game after 30 years of gaming. I love classics (Arcades, C64), i love videogameconsole (classics and modern) My favorite system these days is XBox One (i also own a PS4 and WiiU, off course - an all the calssics  ). I think, my favorite game will be Halo 5 in about a week   I love Destiny, too... Currently, i am playing Blood Bowl II   My Nick on Xbox Live and PSN is; TheSonic (, you gussed that ?!?! )