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  1. GoPro Fanboytopic

    Are any GoPro-Fanboys in here using the cams for some crazy things? I just bought one and i love the cam... I bought it to ride rollercoasters here in europe .... and bustours in my local city Anyone else do such stuff in here?
  2. I want my credit back - disagree automatic renewal

    To be honest, i also receive the renewal-notification after they take the money. I am fine with it, because i want to keep my licenses up2date... But i also thought: "Would be nice they notified me about this  few days before" ..... I know, the date is available in the clientarea and i could remove my CC there... But it should not be a problem to send out a eMail ....  That said - i am fine (just my 2 cents)  
  3. vb5 cloud to IPB4

    For shoutbox: There two available (or in development) for IPS4, ChatBox: The other is called Shoutbox from 
  4. Version 1.1.2


    German Translation for (BIM40) Chatbox for IPS 4 Deutsche bersetzung für (BIM40) Chatbox für IPS 4 Internal Versionnumber: 112r1, Releaase 09/28/2015  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (c) 2014-2015 by Alexander Mueller and the, eMail: Diese Übersetzung ist kostenlos und werbefrei. Du darfst sie beliebig für deine Installation modifizieren. Ohne Genehmigung ist es dir nicht erlaubt, eine von dir auf Basis dieser Übersetzung erstellte / modifizierte Übersetzung zu veröffentlichen.  (BIM40) Chatbox (c) by ( ) PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT IPS IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR FEEDBACK REGARDING THIS TRANSLATION.  PLEASE VISIT HTTP://WWW.ADMINARENA.DE OR EMAIL ALEX@ADMINARENA.DE FOR HELP, QUESTIONS, FEEDBACK AND SUPPORT. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installationsanleitung im Archiv AddOn separat erhältlich, ( ,Dieses Archiv enthält ausschließlich die deutsche Übersetzung


  5. This should not be done in IPS4, because we can not login to the site/ACP in Offlinemode. But i know what you mean... If i work on PHP, MySQL, etc, i use htaccess to redirect them away from php-files to a static html-site. And if i work on the webserver itself, well, they get a nasty timeout (moving the DNS for this short period of time would be a bit exaggerated )
  6. Makes no sense... So, if app-coders get a free cop, next the themedesigners want a free copy... So, after them,. we translators want also a free copy... and so on and so on.... So, where to start und where to end... No one gets a free copy is straight forward.Also, switching plattforms to antother commercial product like vB or xF, etc makes no sense... You also get no free copy of their products  
  7. IP Board 3 : Purchase license

    You won*t see IPB3 on the purchase-page, but you will find a downloadoption in the client area after your purchase.So, in your words, you have to buy IPS4 to get IPB3  
  8. ipdownload, no hdd space left. what to do?

    As an IT-Admin, i would call it the wrong way adding such features in the software, but just my 2cents.Ext4?Well... Yeah... Go ahead
  9. ipdownload, no hdd space left. what to do?

    I think thats nothing ipdownloads have to deal with, it's a serverthing.I use LVM to add space to paths... Ipdownload do not know, what hdd to use, it just has a path and i add space on what hdd i want to that path using lvm (in your case, the path has a size of 4 TB including all files of the old hdd and the new hdd)
  10. +1, This should be a group-setting.
  11. Impressed with the gallery

    Hehe, don't worry, you don't have to deal with another extension for php, etc  The GPS-datas are in the exif-informations, IF the camera/device support GPS (Most mobiles do, some cameras need external GPS-Trackers, some has build in GPS-Trackers some don't support GPS at all (you may add coordinates manually using tools like GeoSetter ( ) .Never had complains from users - most people post pictures from my hometown showing their favorite places or events, so they don't have to describe where the picture was taken. etc (That will certainly be different when you run a cheating-site and users post pictures of their affairs ) 
  12. Impressed with the gallery

    You are welcome, great your host got it sorted.  Have fun with your gallery and the old (and new  ) pictures.Btw: If your exif data contain gps-data, gallery shows the location the picture was taken on a map - this is my favorite feature 
  13. Impressed with the gallery

    The requirered extension is missing, so php (and Gallery) are unable to read the exif metadata. You have to install the exif-extension (if you are root, use yum, apt-get...)) or ask your host to do this (if not root). But be warned. You may have to re-compile php (if packetmanager fail, etc), you REALLY need  to know what your doing, you may break your LAMP including cps like Plesk or cPanel BADLY.
  14. Impressed with the gallery

    If you don't want to wait, login your ACP, go to System -> Support, click on phpinfo and search for exif.If RegEx shows your info, there is spmething wrong with your installation. It's also possible, that EXIF-Data is not compazible or has some incompatinle Data. Gallery/PHP are more sensotive  than exif.cgi (that just shows raw data and don't care about the content). Someone has to check the file in that case