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  1. Welcher Film war es und wie war er?

  2. What does "Contributor" mean? :D

  3. Migrating data from 3.4.x to 4.x

    If you want to Import your modified IPB3 in a fresh IPB3 (and get rid of the modifications in the database), you need the migrationscript (NOT the upgrader) for the first step, you will find them here: -> Get it now As for IPS4-Upgraders, just download IPS4 from the clientarea, the upgraders are included in the download (after you uploaded all IPS4-files you find them in <uploaddir>/admin/upgrade/ )  
  4. Migrating data from 3.4.x to 4.x

    Ok, in that case, you will have to wait until IPS releases the Importers for IPS4. You may try to Import your old IPB3 in a fresh IPB3 (so you have a fresh IPB3-Database) and upgrade to IPS4 from that Point (but as told - these importers are still under development for IPS4 and not yet released and just available for IPB3, so there is no direct way to IPS4 yet, just another hop via IPB3 (but BTW: you should be good in going this route, too))
  5. Migrating data from 3.4.x to 4.x

    Have you tried the upgrader? If core-data of IPB3 ist not modified too much, it may work (most plugins and addons just add fields and tables and don't touch the core-data) I also migrated some heavy moded 3.x-series  for friends and we got it working. Off course, you should try this on a copy of your board... you may also try to uninstall some mods/hooks/application before to cleanup the database (just a hint, not a must) Some more hints for upgrading can be found here:      
  6. Custom error and upgrade page!

    Yeah, it's great for gaming. But like you said, you members like it - my members will get a heartattack seeing panicbuttons  
  7. Custom error and upgrade page!

    I also have custom errorpages (but they look boring, but i could not use such pages R-023 on my communities ) It's basicly just a HTML-File, so you can put nearly everything in it
  8. Custom error and upgrade page!

    Hehe, Looks good... I like the Panic-Button
  9. See the Topic in the pre-sales (oh, it's awaiting aproval right now)... If you only want to trnslate the Forums, Translation Tools -> QuckTranslating may be your friend
  10. Hi, yes, the converter are not yet available for IPS4, but you are able to migrate XenForo to IPB3 and then upgrade to IPS4, In IPB3, just install the converters and run through the migration from XenForo. After that, you just have to upload IPS4 and run through the upgrader (IPB3 -> IPS4). That should work, if you run into specific problems, you will find help in the supportforums or the ticketsystem. But it's not that complicated and a lot of people gone that route without problems
  11. IP. Chat 4.0 - the proposed amendment

    I like IP.Chat, the Problem on my site is: we only need the Chat at Special Events (and then, the number of chatters are huge, so we would Need a higher plan) i don't know the exact Dates. All the other time, Chat is nearly unused. IPS wrote, Chats are ressourceintensive - that said, i run a PHP/Ajax-Chat and during the last years, i also hosted perl-Chats and even a IRC-Server myself. Sure, IP.Chat will not run on shared Hosting, but an Option would be nice, if we want to host it our self (and Need enough ressources) or host it at IPS.
  12. Great Support

      what an Honour  - THANKS  
  13. Great Support

    I have to agree, also.... To be honest, i did not contact support for a while but did often during the starting phase of IPS4 and also got fast responses. Often, my tickets got forwarded to 2nd Level and i was told i could take longer, responses was fast all the time even they stated that. For now, IPS4 is working well for me (and i don't need support ) and i host some IPS4-Sites on my servers for others... they often contact me, if they have some problems with IPS (normally, i am "only the host"  , but they know i am a IPS4-Fanboy and i am happy to help in german (mostly on the ticketsystem  ) and learn even more about IPS4). But it's always a good feeling to know, i have IPS-support in the background, if something goes wrong... Thank you !
  14. VB & Photopost

    Hi, yes, converters for vB and Photopost are available - i converted from the same combination some years ago. Keep in mind: For now, converters are only available for v3, so you will have to migrate vB & PP to IPB3 and then upgrade to IPS4. BTW: PP is EOL
  15. Whats the waitingtime at IPS - upgrade?

    I read it should be ~10 days. EDIT: Found the post: