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  1. [Mobile menu] Is it smooth on your device?

      Same here on an iPhone 6 Plus!
  2. Hi,After having used the messenger a lot in the new IPS4, I think the list (on the left) could be improved.Currently, we can feel it has been designed for the mobile world, but I must say it's not really user friendly on a computer. It involves a looooot of scrolling in a day to day use, for instance to find a previous message.Would it be possible to increase the list height, and use a pagination instead of the continuous scrolling?Thanks!   
  3. How to speed up the Background Processes?

     Thanks a lot!
  4. How to speed up the Background Processes?

    Is the cron faster than the "execute manually" thingy?I had the impression that running manually is faster, as the cron job only runs once a minute (the manual script runs each time it finished a cycle).Thanks,
  5. Hi there,Is it possible to add the integration as a standard feature in IPS?Thanks!
  6. Isn't vB latest build 5.1.x?So the 5 series is finally out?
  7. Hi there,As Dailymotion is a pretty popular platform, that would be great to support it in the embedded items!Thanks
  8. Hi there,On a member's profile reputation page, that would be much better to have by default all the reputation for this member, instead of having the "Profile comments" selected by default.Currently, we often got a blank page: … and then we have to click on countless tabs to see what happened for this member: That would be much handier to have at the top of the left menu an "All Reputation" tab, like for the member's Activity page.Thanks
  9. Hi there,In order to improve interactions between members, I suggest you add the "Follow / Unfollow" button on a member hovercard:  Thanks
  10. Mon_poussin.jpg

    From the album Test

  11. Hi there, @Rikki & @Matt,I wonder why the global email wrapper contains such a bunch of table cells…Isn't it too complicated?For instance, I think this one:<td width='800' …>… prevents the emails containing a large image from being correctly resized on the iPhone Mail app: (the text is very small compared to a regular email).Thanks for your feedback!
  12. Custom profile fields have lost their key?

    Or @Matt maybe? 
  13. Custom profile fields have lost their key?

    Hello @bfarber,A lot of people use the key / value system for profile fields… Do you know if it's going back anytime soon in IPS?Thanks!
  14. Custom profile fields have lost their key?

    ​Oh damned :'(Thanks anyway!