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  1. Let's vote for Post Preview feature

    We haven't upgraded yet, my community resists change, and the more changes, the less likely I am to upgrade successfully, which is a real pity as V4 seems so much better. The "Preview Post" may, not be strictly "necessary" (although I would argue it is), but it certainly "desirable" as can be seen from the support here! Would it really be a lot of work to re-add it? Perhaps making it possible to toggle it on and off either by Admin action or user choice?
  2. Preview Post

    Just passing on feedback from my members ......We like it, it isn't there....... I'll pass that on Thanks
  3. Preview Post

    Another step backwards Thanks for your reply!
  4. Automatic Image Resizing

    We run a forum that has a lot of photos. We set the maximum image size to 800x600. Currently we have photos 31kb to 934kb (All 800x600 or less) - it would be great if we could set a maximum of, say 250kb!
  5. Preview Post

    Dear AllI've tried searching with no luck.How do I "Preview Post" in V4 please?Many ThanksBill
  6. Package Expiry

    I've spoken to Technical Support and there is no way to set an expiry on a package unless you set a renewal. I have a need to set a one off subscription package not to be renewed, but cant! Please consider the ability to set the expiry of the package!! Many Thanks Bill Edwards
  7. One to One Chat - No Chatroom?

    I can't afford or justify that. Was a nice idea, but clearly there isn't anything available for us at the moment!
  8. One to One Chat - No Chatroom?

    Thanks for your input but my question was about a Facebook style one to one chat facility, not a video application that costs more than the forum itself. $179? Are you serious??
  9. AVChat 3 Video Chat Application for IP.Board

    $179?? I wish you luck, you're gonna need it!!
  10. Dear All I want to add a date field to my database. I know I can use 'Date Entry', but it doesn't store just the date. It also stores the time and is there subject to the timezone offset. This only manifested itself after a member had his timezone set wrongly and saw all 350+ database entries a day out :( I know I can use a text field and enter dates as 2012-12-31, but it isn't pretty and isn't nearly as professional as a proper date field. Oh, if I sound like I know what I am talking about - I only half do - Tech Support have been very helpful, but suggest I ask here. As I only half know what I am talking about, simple answers would be very much appreciated :) Regards Bill
  11. One to One Chat - No Chatroom?

    A sticking point seems to be that I want to be able to regulate it on a group basis, i.e. just allow our Moderators access until tested, then allow perhaps another group of members. Cometchat can do this, but only with a more expensive setup and then only by their staff
  12. One to One Chat - No Chatroom?

    It seems like that product might have fitted the bill. However their support isn't good - if its poor pre-sales, I won't risk buying :(
  13. One to One Chat - No Chatroom?

    Hi We've tried chat rooms on our site and they don't work for us - unmoderated we get name calling, insulting and childish behaviour. It isn't worth the aggro. However, a member has asked if a one to one chat, similar to Facebook is possible within our forum. Is it?? Cheers Bill
  14. Attachments in comments

    I have a database that displays photographs. I would like a member to add a comment and attach a better/more recent photo, but it doesn't seem to be possible?? If I've read this topic correctly that is what Mr Hood is asking for??
  15. Gallery Navigation

    Could you help with how please? The buttons are in a very user unfriendly place :(