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  1. New Halloween Themes now available 1 Free

  2. Buying IP Board

    possible solution if you don't have the funds, try the community hosting they have a variety of packages and pay on a monthly basis. You can always than purchase the ip board at a later date and keep all your data.
  3. Previewing new design Moroccan on GMM Skin Themes for release soon.

  4. All 3.1.4 Designs have now been reduced to $5.00

  5. A job well done.

    I am a senior lady with little or no technical knowledge but I have to take the time to commend IP for the well put together upgrade. It took me some time to adjust to the admin panel and of course there was a learning curve in designing. I am no professional but everything I do is self taught. I didn't try my hand at upgrading but I own 2 boards and both were upgraded for me in 24 hours. Members on my recipe forum really like it and have given me positive feedback. I must say IP and everyone behind it, Charles, Matt and all staff a job well done, thought out for the little person like me with no technical knowledge whatsoever and the expertise. We all have something we don't like and nothing is perfect in this world but this is a far superior piece of software, well worth the price and I can say that from experience as I have used and designed for most every kind of forum software. kudos to all behind the scenes for a job well done and it was worth the wait.
  6. Community Hosting question

    ok great.
  7. I have a friend who is interested in perhaps using IP board for her family style forum. I see that 3.2 is now available in final. My question is if she purchases a community hosting package what version will she receive. I told her to wait till 3.2 goes final but want to be sure that is the version she will get.
  8. Whose online suggestions

    Yes, would like to see staff online and a group legend. Hopefully the one available for 3.1 will be upgraded to run on 3.2 but would rather a built in one.
  9. Trying out twitter. Just need to figure it out and get me some followers. Hit me at I think @mamagail48

  10. working on 2 4th july designs 1 will be free and just added a summer theme to marketplace called Beach. going on vac next week but should have both done by end of june.

  11. Will be offering two free 3.2 beta designs by end of june. One is completed but going on vacation. should be able to offer it after I return.

    1. TheRevTastic


      Why are you already skinning for 3.2? They are going to have some major css changes after this beta that will mess your skins up a whole lot.

    2. Mama Gail

      Mama Gail

      Your kidding. I didn't realize that. Oh well chuck that in the trash as a wasted lesson. I figured the css was probably stable. I am not upgrading my board till its final to say the least.

    3. TheRevTastic


      Yup, Bitter from asked earlier on Twitter and Rikki said it wouldn't be the best move.

  12. New Preview of a release for next week. Smoke check it out in skin selector

    1. Andy Rixon

      Andy Rixon

      Might help if you told us which is new since theres so many in the selector, but if its SMOKE then it looks cool.

    2. TheRevTastic


      Just to let you know, the bg image repeats on higher resolutions.

  13. Just released English Garden, made with the ladies in mind. Sorry guys next one will be for both.

  14. Happy Easter all from mamagail

    1. AndyF


      Happy Easter.

  15. Hi All: Offering a brand new Easter skin Theme Free. Check out my site for Easter Tyme nice Pastel skin theme. May offer it here next week. but join today and get it now.