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  1. Pre-defined Topic Fields

    I've purchased this hook once again (I wasn't able to renew the license for some reason) because of this:What's New in Version 1.2.1 (See full changelog)Fixed bug with the pre-defined text showing HTML code on the mobile skinHowever, I still get this kind of post on my forums:What am I doing wrong? :sad:
  2. Suggestions - Prune guests topics and posts

    OK. I should have posted the guide right away it seems :lol:. Anyway, as it's only possible to remove all posts of a single Guest_ member through ACP, I've had to do "open heart surgery" on the DB. It is easy to find and manipulate with Guest_ members and their topics or posts, but I've done the actual deleting through IPB front end, so I wouldn't end up with any orphaned replies. I've only wanted to remove the topics/posts from a single forum (with an ID of Y for the purpose of this guide), but the same procedure applies for deleting all Guest_ topics on the board. Of course, before attempting to do this, backup your database! 1) Create a new temporary "Pruned Topics" forum and get its ID, that we will call X. 2) Go to phpMyAdmin and run this query: UPDATE `ibf_topics` SET `forum_id` = 'X' WHERE `starter_id` ='0' AND `forum_id` = 'Y'; This will move all the topics (and associated posts) from the forum you want to clean up to the new Pruned Topics forum. Should you want to move topics started by Guest_ members from ALL your forums, run this query instead: UPDATE `ibf_topics` SET `forum_id` = 'X' WHERE `starter_id` ='0'; 3) Go to ACP and Resynchronize the affected forums (or the whole board in the other case) 4) Empty your Pruned Topics forum either through ACP or by navigating to the forum and using Prune function 5) Enjoy your cleaned-up board :smile:. That's it, I hope it helps someone out there and that it will become a standard option in IPB or at least that someone will make a hook for it. Best regards, Nikica.
  3. Suggestions - Prune guests topics and posts

    As for removing Guest_member topics, I've just come up with a functional solution, so if anyone's interested, I'll post a short guide.
  4. Content News Feed Block

    Hello, when a large image is displayed using img tags in a topic that goes into the news feed, in Chrome the image and div resize accordingly with the window size, while in Firefox and IE they stay fixed and overlap my sidebar. Could you please test this too see if it is only the case with my board or a "normal" behaviour? Otherwise, I find your block(s) very helpful - donation on it's way :). Thanks.
  5. Suggestions - Prune guests topics and posts

    Thanks. I thought as much, but member statuses look a bit more complicated with three tables of their own. Sure, I know about it, it has been mentioned only a few posts above, but I've got about 3000 guest_member topics to remove :o. Edit: Looking at a clean test board's DB, those member_status tables were empty, so I simply emptied them on the live board and it seems to have done the trick.
  6. Suggestions - Prune guests topics and posts

    I thought it was better to reply here, rather than start a new topic. So, is it possible to delete all leftover topics started by Guest_member_name in 3.4.0? I was going to do it manually, by sorting the topics by topic starter, but unfortunately it still sorts them by member name, not including the Guest prefix :(. P.S. Any ideas as to how to purge all member titles and statuses, as I've disabled them now but they still show up?