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  1. IPB 4.0 and core detachment.

    I do remember before 3.x hit the shelves, this support forum had it running for a couple of weeks or so beforehand. I imagine what you say is more likely. A public beta, an ipb community run and then public release.
  2. Back in the day, I remember one of the big things about ipb 4.0 was that of detaching it from the core. Meaning that blogs, IP.content ect can be installed as sepeterate instances. Is this still the case? With the projected release Q2 of 2014, when is ipb 4.0 due for release? If close, it will be time for a licence renewal as detachment is something I really am looking forward to! Many thanks guys!
  3. robots.txt

    thanks to the both of you, i was unaware of the robots.txt, as it was named robotstxt.txt so google was saying it did not exist and i read the other post, some pretty useful stuff which i have implemented! thank you
  4. robots.txt

    Has anybody got any good robots.txt tips to share? I have set up my forum with google webmaster tools ect ect and need a robots.txt (not just for google as apparently it doesnt listen) but to stop bots from bombing the sites pages? Or would someone be willing to share theirs with me as a template :)
  5. IP.Content Pre Sales

    Hi there, I am looking to purchase IP.Content and I have a couple of questions, to make IP.content my front page, is there a set installation method, i.e install the forum first to '/public_html/forums/' and then install ip.content to '/public_html' or something like that, of is there a dummies guide to setting this up on the forums (I have searched but to no avail) Secondly I would like to operation some form or amazon affiliate store from it would this also be possible? Many thanks Chris
  6. IP.Content 2.0 Dev Update: Some Template Tweaks

    This could sell me, well the changes may do.
  7. IPB mods and plugins

    Ahhh lovely!! I am going to give these a read :D thank you!
  8. IPB mods and plugins

    I have been playing with ip.content and i am finding it very confusing.... I cant seem to add a menu to be able to navigate through multiple pages, and I also cant seem to work out the templating of it.. are there any tutorials? The getting started guide on the IPB help pages are a tad bit useless, as they don't really explain anything useful.
  9. IPB mods and plugins

    Are there any demonstrations of ip.content doing this sort of things, or any other examples (expect for the IPS index) of ip.content being used so I can see its performance etc. also I would like to have a play with it if its available on the demo site.
  10. IPB mods and plugins

    Hay, just a quickie. I was wondering if there are any good modifications for IPB that can be used for giving reviews on products and services? and also I was wondering if there was one that will allow the portal to be paged kinda turning it into a blog. at the moment if you set it to display 10 articles but post 11, the last one will be cut off. many thanks Chris
  11. Renewal price for multiple licenses of IP.Board

    I would imagine so. as they where bought separately, therefore probably need renewing separately.
  12. Client area error

    I am trying to access the skinning guides on this forum.. but I keep getting the error below. Now I am aware that I do not have an active subscription yet I am a customer therefore I shouldn't be having that problem here I don't think as I have saw a different error which does say (you need an active subscription etc etc) Or do I need a active subscription to access the skinning guides in the forum? many thanks guys/girls (error below) This forum is only available to those logged in with a customer account. If you are a current IPS customer and are seeing this message, please log out and then log in with the same email and password that you use for the client area.
  13. Renewing my subscription

    Thank you very much for your speedy reply! Many thanks, When I start work on the new site, I will send them a ticket and all should be well :)
  14. Hi there, its been a small while since I renewed my subscription as the website I used to use the forum under so to speak. Therefore I had no need to upgrade the forum software at that point. Now I have a need for the the use of the forum software I paid for a year or so ago. so I was wondering, would all I need to do to reactivate my licence is to pay the $25 renewal charge, and then I have access to download and use ipb 3? I paid for my licence a short time before IPB 3 was released Many thanks Chris
  15. Blue Justice