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  1. Gaffney added a post in a topic IP.Board 4.0 Wishlist   

    Drag and drop moderation:
    - To merge two topics just click and hold on the topic title and drag it onto another topic.
    - To delete a topic, click and hold then drag to the bottom of your screen.
    - To rename a topic, triple click on the title?
    - To pin a topic, drag it to the top of the screen and you can order the pinned topics by dragging them into place.

    Mobile functionality:
    Fact is that the mobile market is massive but if you want a quick chat on the go then forums are way down the list. The mobile side of IPB has to be slick and full of features.
  2. Gaffney added a comment on a file Cookie Bar   

    I'm a web design freak and I was wondering how I was going to bring in this cookie bar without interrupting my design. Thankfully this app is perfect for the job, it's out of the way but noticeable and integrates well with the IPB design.
  3. Gaffney added a post in a topic Function "Linear +" missing for IPB 3.1.x in IPS 3.3.x   

    It was removed a few versions ago because its pointless and increases the ipb development time.
  4. Gaffney added a post in a topic Content is the key   

    I just noticed that, wow I wonder what everyone has thought What the heck?

    Uuuugh it's because my photo automatically updated from facebook. Because of the new facebook layout I decided to merge my two fav things. Portal 2 and Inception.
  5. Gaffney added a post in a topic IP.Board & The Forum Will Be Dead Within 5 Years
  6. Gaffney added a post in a topic IP.Board & The Forum Will Be Dead Within 5 Years   

    I've made a change to my ip content page:

    Before you could only see how many comments there were on the main page. Now I've added in twitter and facebook so people can see how many people have shared the articles. Then inside the articles I have the same buttons but also added google+

    Personally this makes the sharing feature deeper. Would be good if I can add a reddit button that shows how many up votes it has then the same with digg. In one day two of my articles got onto the reddit soccer front page getting 200+ upvotes and 60+ upvotes.

    edit, I just learned that reddit does have such a feature, so that will be getting added right away.
  7. Gaffney added a post in a topic [Suggesttion] Follow a member (like Twitter)   

    This sounds good, then there can be a tabbed application for it where the members you follow activity is out in a facebook timeline/twitter style. You can see how many followers you have and how many people you follow.
  8. Gaffney added a post in a topic Attracting hits and activity: intro with tips   

    I find that timing is a really big part in attracting traffic. One of my biggest sources of traffic is from articles and podcasts. You want to be one of the first ones to bring out content but you don't want to become stuck in a bunch of other news from other websites like yours. Getting articles published to big news sites like newsnow brings in a lot of traffic if timed correctly. But I find that social networking is a lot easier to time, even though it doesn't bring in as many hits, you can release articles at a time that suits you.
  9. Gaffney added a post in a topic Content is the key   

    This tutorial was information about what the very basic meaning of website content.

    Platform to share and talk about your views(social/big community)
    Helpful information.

    Content at the very base is one of these, then the next step is how to provide your content. Forum software, the design, the way you promote your site, put content up via blogs, topics, videos, audio, custom pages and so on.

    I could make a tutorial about how to make the best blog system in the world and produce several blogs a day full with information. But that doesn't matter if your content isn't very unique and doesn't have an overall plan.

    For example you can't set up a gaming site and just produce content through other stuff you find on the web. If your site is small and your content isn't unique, there is a big chance that the people visiting have already seen the same content elsewhere or content like it.

    The overall aim of it was for people to look into what content their going to make and if it's good enough to drag people in.

    Look at your competitors, what content do they put out, how long does it take to come out, how do people like to get it, what content do they not have that you could add. Could you create unique content on a regular basis?

    It's not easy making a successful site, you need good content in the correct format, you need to produce it often and at the correct moments.

    You can't just tell someone what content to produce and how to do it as they say in Inception:

  10. Gaffney added a topic in Community Administration Tips   

    Content is the key
    Forums are websites where people come to please their minds. So if you have a forum or your setting one up content is your number one concern. But what is content?

    The three main versions of forum content:

    1. Content can be a platform to share your work or views.
    2. Content can be information to help you.
    3. Content can be entertainment.

    Often I find forums or websites that have no content. No basis to really share my work or views, no helpful information, either none at all or information I can find anywhere else. Or no entertainment/no entertainment I can't find anywhere else. So if you want to have a successful forum then you need to fill at least one of these fields.

    Number 1 is the hardest for most people unless you can feed a lot of traffic to the site that will attract people to share content.

    Number 2 and number 3 are easier, they are similar but not the same thing. Some people get confused, a lot of people come to forums just to get information like how to be really good at playing a game. How to fix a common software fault etc.

    So if your forum is pointed towards a niche where people want helpful information from it. Your number one concern before forum software, look, promotion etc is how to offer unique #2 content for that niche.

    If your forum isn't really a niche eg gaming then your probably better focusing on entertainment but it might be a good idea to also offer a lot of useful unique information on a niche. Some gaming forums start with a clan that you can join into or people who are good with games and can offer a lot of advice with games.

    This might seem really obvious but this could help some people. Without one of these three points your forum will not succeed. If you cannot offer these points but have the technical ability to set up a good looking forum, try getting some people to come with you that can produce this content.

    My site currently has 220,000 posts, 9000 members, 4,700 twitter followers and 4,900 facebook likes. My niche is a certain football club. I've got into this position by offering good helpful information on the team, helpful facts, good views, a place so they can share their views with other people(be social). I've also offered a lot of multimedia for the niche, graphics and videos. So I've offered a lot of different aspects of content then I've promoted it and made it really easy to get, view and use with good forum layout, good software, plugins and look.

    You can never have enough content, try to pace out your content(it's not easy). If you burst out loads of content in one day, a lot of it might be missed and people will then be left with no content for eg the rest of the week. If you have big gaps between content then people won't use your forum. Try to offer content at peak times and make sure there is plenty of content for people to consume daily.
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  11. Gaffney added a post in a topic My media - no one use it   

    Have you tried making easy to follow video tutorials for your members?
  12. Gaffney added a post in a topic IP.Content as main site   

  13. Gaffney added a post in a topic 2.3 is coming, lets get some suggestions going!   

    Ajax comments.

    Ability to align photos more like wordpress for example.

    More default page layouts perhaps, for the noobs and help show off the potential.

    Allow articles to post a topic in a forum for each category. So category one articles on IP content post in forum one and category two articles post in forum two instead of every article in the one forum.
  14. Gaffney added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    IP Content
    I managed to solve the questions by myself :P
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  15. Gaffney added a post in a topic Google "Page Speed" Results for IPB   

    What I do with the default IPB skin is add in some CSS3, for example the maintitle's can be easily converted into a CSS3 gradient. But the main key to a fast loading site is not having huge images or files to load and being on a fast host near to your users location.