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  1. IH_Jimbo added a post in a topic Export my contents, posts and topics to external blogging or social media platform   

    You can already use RSS to integrate your forum with facebook.
  2. IH_Jimbo added a comment on a blog entry IPS UTF-8 Database Converter   

    You ran this on a production site without testing it in a dev/QA instance and without a backup prior? Otherwise It is time to look and see what is throwing that error with firebug or similar tool.
  3. IH_Jimbo added a post in a topic I bought IP board and nexus but now it no longer works!   

    I would suggest submitting a ticket
  4. IH_Jimbo added a comment on a blog entry Mobile Apps Status   

    I can see that many users will be disappointed. Myself on the otherhand am rather pleased. The reason for this is somewhat what Lindy eludes to in the complexity of the entire suite. My large community is almost built exclusively using custom IP content applications. We mostly use the core for Member / security management and the base platform. Our forums are not even close to the focus. So my point is, with IPS software making a solution for 'out of the box' products is just a small element. I agree that providing a mobile, standards based framework allows for a much better solution down the road. Sure it doesn't help for those that run the products stock as much.
    I have the current iOS app. I have ditched it in favor of my mobile skin. I found it much faster and far more usable to use the web native rather than wrapping it in a custom app.
  5. IH_Jimbo added a post in a topic View and reset user download caps   

    Could that possibly be changed into having say a cache of download logs that can be reset so we have a way to maintain quota issues without losing our logs? This is my biggest headache in regards to IPD. Also having the timestamp in the user report would be very very helpful.
  6. IH_Jimbo added a post in a topic IPG 5 Zip Upload?   

    I was disappointed at first when the feature was removed. Then somewhere in the 4 version the flash uploader gave a provision to do 10 at a time. Now we can do numerous ones. I personally would like the ability to add images from the ACP but wouldn't care if it were zip file or not. Flash or basic uploader from the ACP allow us to choose the image owner as another member would suffice just fine
  7. IH_Jimbo added a post in a topic Mobile Skin Interface guidelines?   

    I would be highly in favor of this as well. Thanks for suggesting this.
  8. IH_Jimbo added a post in a topic IPS Marketplace is powered by IP.Nexus?   

    The third party developers is just one of the many reasons IPS apps are such a good choice. In the 6 years I have been using, I have yet to see a mod that I have ever used become extinct. Some devs have discontinued development on some, but everyone I have ever seen has been picked up by another dev. IPS also does EOL their addons, such as Portal and the shoutbox. The great third party devs have picked them up and have even made improvements over IPS versions.
  9. IH_Jimbo added a post in a topic How do I make my forum account a client account?   

    If you are a active license holder you should have a client account
  10. IH_Jimbo added a topic in IP.Content   

    ACP Blocks Page suggestions
    With the changes in 2.3 IP.Content continues to improve nicely. What I would like to see is showing the keys under the title/name as well as having collapsible categories on the blocks page in the ACP.
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  11. IH_Jimbo added a comment on a file Tournaments   

    Well worth the price. I am still setting mine up and realizing the value already.
  12. IH_Jimbo added a post in a topic Content Admin Logs?   

    My apologies Brandon, I missed reading that little much needed bit. I know it is always not viable to respond to everything. Wondering if using Tracker to track feature requests would be helpful?
  13. IH_Jimbo added a post in a topic Content Admin Logs?   

    Interesting that this wasn't even acknowledged
  14. IH_Jimbo added a comment on a file Enhanced Google Analytics   

    I just bought this this afternoon and out of the box for a few hours and I am getting stats like you would never imagine. This will sure help in focusing my advertising and telling me what areas to improve on and such. Great mod. The value is already paid back just from looking at the first report. I use WebTrends professionally and for and IPS based site it cannot even touch this addon. Get this you will not be disappointed. The best money I have spent in a while in terms of IPS addons.
  15. IH_Jimbo added a topic in IP.Content   

    Blocks listing add block key to display
    would it be possible to get the block key added below the block name and description. Many times I need to look for a block key to locate it so it would be helpful to have this added. I have hundreds of blocks and after a while when you are looking at a template and you find you need to edit a block you may not know the name when you read the parse tag. many thanks. This addon keeps improving at a fantastic pace.
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