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  1. Grant B added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Search improvements
    Hi - has the way the search work here changed in 4.0?
    For example, I search "IPC Slider" and its not the first result in files. 
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  2. Grant B added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Pages - feed plugin won't show content
    OutOfRangeException thrown with message "" Stacktrace: #7 OutOfRangeException in /Users/Sites/ipb/system/Patterns/ActiveRecord.php:107 #6 IPS\Patterns\_ActiveRecord:load in /Users/Sites/ipb/applications/cms/sources/Blocks/Block.php:913 #5 IPS\cms\Blocks\_Block:widget in /Users/Sites/ipb/applications/cms/modules/front/pages/builder.php:59 #4 IPS\cms\modules\front\pages\_builder:previewBlock in <#unknown>:0 #3 call_user_func in /Users/Sites/ipb/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php:85 #2 IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller:execute in /Users/Sites/ipb/applications/core/modules/front/system/widgets.php:39 #1 IPS\core\modules\front\system\_widgets:execute in /Users/Sites/ipb/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php:129 #0 IPS\_Dispatcher:run in /Users/Sites/ipb/index.php:13 Fresh install from latest Pages available.
    Created new plugin to retrieve articles (when there was none at the time) and it shows this error in dev mode.
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  3. Grant B added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    IPS 4 converters
    Just wondering when IPS 4 converters will be available for the likes of converting boards like SMF into IPB4?
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  4. Grant B added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Original content broken in Downloads
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  5. Grant B added a record in IP.Board   

    Editing topic through warning
    Not sure why, but when I posted a topic, then edited the topic title immediately, it through this warning on a white screen:[code=auto:0] Warning: Illegal string offset 'edit_topic' in /var/www/html/admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/post/classPost.php on line 2239[/code]
    Thought it was worth noting?
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  6. Grant B added a comment on a blog entry 4.0 - Front-end Responsiveness Round-up   

    Glad to hear FontAwesome being used.
  7. Grant B added a comment on a blog entry 4.0 - Front-end Responsiveness Round-up   

    Very nice!
    Quick question, what will the markup be for the different device columns, e.g col-xs-12, col-md-12? (Sorry if I've missed this in a different blog entry already).
  8. Grant B added a comment on a blog entry 4.0 - Profiles   

    Some videos/casts with commentary from dev's would be nice once in a while. Looks great though :smile:
  9. Grant B added a record in IP.Downloads   

    Followed by, has profile urls when viewing as guest.
    "Followed by", has profile urls when viewing as guest, yet profile URL's are not linked in the download listing or detail pages.
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  10. Grant B added a post in a topic Like(s), remove them from a post if it has been edited   

    I take payment for my ideas in beer tokens or dollar. Good job!
  11. Grant B added a post in a topic ipb 4 seo?   

    SEO is always updating, its never a case of just updating some code. Site owners have to stay aware of SEO updates too! Making good content being one example is down to you, its not just the software that has to stay up-to-date.

    But I would imagine they will be altering a few things like any company would with a new update.
  12. Grant B added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    Topic Slider v1.0.4
    Elegantly showcase forum topics with the powerful Topic Slider.]

    The never ending (and regularly updated) feature list... [*]Style your slider with a selection of web safe fonts.  [*]Built in colour picker allows you to customise your slider on the fly. [*]Style the Topic title: colour, font size, and alignment.  [*]Style the Description: colour, font size, and alignment. [*]Style the Caption which holds your content. [*]Style anything to do with the slider. [*]Position the Slider across your global template, board index or Index sidebar. [*]Select Member groups that will have permission to view the Slider. [*]Select Forums to which the Slider will retrieve your Topics. [*]Effects, from totally random to box effects.  [*]Auto advance, change Slide Pausing, and timings. [*]Edit slide Topic titles and Descriptions. Their length, and whether they should display. [*]Post count on slides - perfect to show the popular topics.  [*]Enable Read More, Topic Ratings, Pinned, Views and Best Answer Topics. [*]Set a View count in which you are able to create a Topic Featured badge. [*]Languages are editable - allowing you to change everything you see. E.g, 'Featured' 'Views' 'Read More' etc. [*]Control the Image Height, Width. [*]Control the Caption Height. [*]Control the Slider wrapper width. [*]IP Content Block included to use across your IP Content Site. [*]Ability to select number of topics to display.
    Don't need a Topic Slider? See IPC Slider - Specifically designed for IP Content. 
    Have a question or request? Post in the Topic Slider support.
    Follow me on Twitter or Google+ 

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  13. Grant B added a record in IP.Downloads   

    Pre selected category wipes description/download data.
    Latest version that is used here in the IPS marketplace.
    Just experienced what I think is a bug:
    [*]Was in the look and feel category, clicked upload file.
    [*]Entered all of my download data, including the upload of images, and entering of descriptions etc.
    [*]Realised it was the wrong category, clicked change category - updated it.
    [*]Clicked continue, to find nothing had saved.
    Really annoying!
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  14. Grant B added a post in a topic IPS 4.0 - Provide entire CSS Framework   

    It would be nice to see some docs layed out like bootstrap/foundation, especially for any Javascript/CSS components.
  15. Grant B added a post in a topic Variables into CSS   

    SASS is great, what were the reasons?