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  1. Ali Majrashi added a post in a topic ip.pages and templates   

    that will show all the changes in the theme that used by all apps and core IPS4 but will not show the template created by ip.pages in the templates area 
    pages->templates - HTML tab
    this the templates we create to play around with pages and custom it to our need 
  2. Ali Majrashi added a topic in Product Feedback   

    ip.pages and templates
    can we have the theme difference tools in ip.pages template engine 
    i got alot of templates i need to update them if new version been released and there is no note or easy way to know which template got changes or issue fix
    this can save alot of time. 
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  3. Ali Majrashi added a post in a topic IP.Content to Pages: the nightmare on IPS Street   

    i'm totally fine with rebuilding my site or re-invisioning it but only if all functionalty are presented to me that was heavily used in previous version 
    i'm waiting to rebuild and upgrade my 2 sites because of the limitation of fields or missing fields since IPS4 was gold till now 
    hopefully we will see the relationship and DateTime (or improve the current Date Field to handle Time) fields soon
  4. Ali Majrashi added a post in a topic IP.Content to Pages: the nightmare on IPS Street   

    only relationship fields on the road map at the end of the page hopefully they consider advance and simple usage to be true relationship between 2 databases
  5. Ali Majrashi added a post in a topic IP.Content to Pages: the nightmare on IPS Street   

    @Lindy i love the new ip.pages but it's not only the filters options we miss also fields options to control any field we create 
    i posted alot about things i miss in ip.pages and hope they get added specially the DateTime and relationship fields i use them extensively on my 2 sites and they still run IPB v3
    waiting for these fields or options to be added so i can upgrade

    and for advance users 

  6. Ali Majrashi added a post in a topic ip.pages relationship field   

    ​the relationship field in v3 is simple way to generate fields based on database connections by fields value which i love 
    the real magic happen when we can link database to each others and have more control 
    imagine your self creating a database and would love to create poll for each record without real linking it's difficult to achieve (this just another example)
    with this you can organize your data and have more control on them 
    IPS4 even the old version already got this by default this how database really got build and organized 
    category,posts,comments in any app
    by doing this you can expand manage improve and control your data easily and it's efficient this way
    i would love to see this also
    when we have a real connection between database this can be easily done 
  7. Ali Majrashi added a post in a topic ip.pages relationship field   

    ​hopfully sooner i can't upgrade my 2 site becuase i use it alot and got many database linked to each other 
  8. Ali Majrashi added a topic in Product Feedback   

    ip.pages relationship field
    this is one of the best field type in v3 i hope soon we will se it in IPS4 
    can IPS team improve it to include more advance usage something like 
    one -> one relationshipone -> many relationshipmany -> many relationshipone -> one relationship
    for example (just example) i got database for employee to fill their important information 
    name,age,mobile,education level etc.
    and got another database for CVs so each employee can submit only one CV
    this can be long list of fields he need to fill
    so when he start new record to fill his information he can fill both in the same form his information and his CV information
    and one record link only to one cv based on the record ID also when he need to edit it he can edit both in the same form 
    the same goes if he try to insert new CV he will be asked to link it to exiting record if any or create new one
    you can also have third database for certificate and link it to his record this can be one -> many relationship so he can insert more than one certificate and link it to his information record
    one -> many relationship
    for example you got car database (i'm bad when it's come to cars)
    you can create database for manufacture name or brand names
    another database for cars and their basic information this can be one -> many relationship each brand can have many cars under it
    also another database for each car model release with more info about each release like the year, model, pictures, colours etc.
    many -> many relationship
    is complex one but useful when you need a record to be linked to many other records and vice versa 
    when we link database based on the record ID can we have more options and power on the edit/create form of what fields we need to edit or add to each database 
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  9. Ali Majrashi added a topic in Product Feedback   

    ip.pages custom fields
    i posted alot about ip.pages and fields that ship with it

    i hope IPS team consider improving the fields available to us and one important future that can ease our unique or advance use 
    is add the ability to create our custom fields from ACP and have the ability to export or import them 
    something like 
    field nameversion numberfiled data typefield HTML code (for display and form)field JS code  (for display and form)field CSS code  (for display and form)field validation code for advance use(validate data before been save to the database)field options so you can use them in html,css,js or validation processfield process code (for display and saving)
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  10. Ali Majrashi added a post in a topic ip.pages and fields   

    also the ability to flag field as unique for any field
    and unsigned for numeric value 
    super handy when validating or linking record to each other 
  11. Ali Majrashi added a post in a topic ip.pages and fields   

    also one super needed thing if relationShip field would be released in future release 
    is the ability to set a field do not allow duplicate entry 
    so you can only create one record that link to another database record based on unique key
    add the ability to set relationShip based on Record ID on old V3 we can not select the ID and we only limited to link into custom created fields
  12. Ali Majrashi added a post in a topic ip.pages and fields   

    also continue on fields options 
    number field lake some control like max-min option and regex validation for advance use member field no option to select desired group to search in or exclude from search on other general options related to ip.pages search 
    if there is option to select which fields you want to search in this can be powerful filter option to get accurate search result 
  13. Ali Majrashi added a post in a topic ip.pages and fields   

    ​thank you i hope they fix or improve it 
  14. Ali Majrashi added a topic in Product Feedback   

    ip.pages and fields
    the new IPS4 pages ship with nice set of fields but some lake options to control them or some are still missing from old IPB3 
    missing fields from old vesion
    DateTime fieldReleationShip field options needed or i think they are important
    Date field no option format the date - no option to accept date only - no option to accept time only - no option to accept both - no time picker Editor field no option to disallow attachment upload - no option to chose which button needed for this editor field Adress field no option to show map for a user to drop a pin to select location much easier for many users - no option to select which information needed to be inserted (like city name - country name only or with street name)Yes/No field do not have option to show hide other fields in the form all fields need an option to allow repeated value to insert more than one value per field can safe time  ability to filter all fields specially Text, Yes/No, Email and Date fields the ability to group fields and use the grouping as Tabs in Form edit/add templateconditional select field. selected value can show another select field or deselecting value disable and hide itfield that i was dreaming about that maybe it will be release with the new ip.pages 
    is matrix field i got database with 145 field all repeated fields with this type of field i can reduce them into 15 fields more clean and efficient 
    here a demo
    ips4 already got all the above in core but i really hope they got implemented soon in ip.pages
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  15. Ali Majrashi added a post in a topic IPS4 Data Storage Method Improvement   

    ​thanks i hope this fix alot of issues i love working on my local machine and if all green i deploy it into my live site