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  1. Time Field in Pages Database

    i already suggested this many time it's super useful field type and very important one   i really hope that IP.Pages support it 
  2. Developer License

    that will give you one install in your live site for test purposes but in localhost you can install as many as you want 
  3. ip.pages Fields Type - matrix and stack

    here also another example how this can be useful in building pages and databases in front end for users input and here how to achieve it in expression engine super useful field type that can save space and database table fields per database when you need repeated value with different field type to be inserted in on field   
  4. hello, 2 really important field type that are missing in ip.pages  matrix  stack they are supper important when you need to store repeated value in one field like stack type field  or when you need to store more than one type and repeated value like matrix for advance use you can see other CMS have it already and they are flexible and easy to use also IPS4 already have those Types in it's core i'v been playing around with plugins to convert some fields into stack and i was able to convert it easily i'm not sure why they are not ship by default but i failed to get matrix working in front end since it's only work in admin control panel  imagine you are creating cars database where your staff insert company name-images-general info and all their cars with specific info for each car in just one record with few fields only you can use this field type to reduce the amount of required fields per database since in one field you can generate any field type and insert repeated value per entry  please add those fields type into ip.pages that can open new creative way to create databases
  5. pages date-time field type

    hello, i use ip.pages extensively in all my sites and since ips4 was release until today the ip.pages do not have date-time field type and it's really important in all sites and super important to me  the only field we get is date only field if IP team can improve it to include few options like date only date-time time only ip.pages can support such fields but limited only to  Publish Date and Expiry Date fields also add the ability to insert extra options for any fields for advance usage like inserting data-somthing attribute to specific fields so it will be easy to manipulate it via javascript plugin
  6. Save Article as Draft

    this can be useful in one of my sites i use articles alot and i spent hours writing depends on the article size  one thing i wish was shipped with articles the autosave function  after many hours of writing if you press by mistake any back buttons or in mac with your track-pack can result to refreshing the page and the body fields been fully erased unless you saved it since the local-storage do not work for saved articles when you edit them 
  7. New Content search

    under Activity tabs -> My Activity Streams -> Unread Content and you can also create new activity and config it to your need and put the link easily in the menu manager  you can read more about the new activity IPS Community Suite 4.1: Activity Streams and Menu Manager
  8. Embed Attached MP3 Files

    IPS4 now allows installing any CKEditor plugins and they have mp3 embedding plugins install the one you need and use it to embed your attached mp3 file  this is how flexible the new IPS4 
  9. or in specific field when searching ip.pages 
  10. Embed Attached MP3 Files

    it's working you can attach any sound file from soundCloud hopefully it's can be alternative solutions to MP3 attachment upload 
  11. Embed Attached MP3 Files

    what about embedding soundcloud i think ips support it 
  12. I would prefer having control over this as willi love the editor field but in some database i created i don't need my member to upload any things using the editorso more control over this is needed  
  13. ip.pages and fields

    this is big issue for me also now i will convert my fancy editor 😭 to text fields to prevent my member uploading attachment on it until this get fixed or improved
  14. ip.pages and fields

    sorry to bring this up again but i really need many of the missing future and can't upgrade my 2 important site to IPS4 we all know that the relationship fields is on the upcoming dev plan hopefully soon what about DateTime field the current date fields is ok but limited to date only we also need fields for time only and some fields for dateTime hope this also been considered for next release it's important field i use it alot in my IPB3  thank you IPS team for the great work as always 
  15. ip.pages and templates

    that will show all the changes in the theme that used by all apps and core IPS4 but will not show the template created by ip.pages in the templates area pages->templates - HTML tabthis the templates we create to play around with pages and custom it to our need