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    Love it, only thing is if you have alot of users who stream, adding each individual stream can get tedious. Creating a profile field people can add their twitch user names into would be awesome. Otherwise, awesome plugin!
  1. Welcome Guest Message

    says the zip file is corrupted?
  2. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Thank you!
  3. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    How did you disable side widgets on the mobile version?
  4. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    http://thedivisionforums.com Just launched them last weekend. I like your site, it's got tons of content too.
  5. Embedable Content?

    Can someone tell me what kinda of content can be embedded and how? I already figured out twitter and youtube, but what else is there?   Thanks!
  6. I came to bring the stars for you..:)