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  1. How long will it take to setup cloud community

    again waiting for pointing domain
  2. Using a Custom Domain Name

    I need to point subdomain  how can I do the same   
  3. Its more then 30 minutes  how much time can it take to get live ?
  4. - Connection failed Error code 20

    I was purchasing  and it has been more then 4 times in last 30 minutes...
  5. Off late , I see such error many times....Is server of IPS unstable?  or we will see same errors if we host acloyd community?RegardsSaurabh  
  6. My pre sale question is pendingI have posted in Account services  Requestt ID  921953 --  For cloud  170 users onlien package...  
  7. If IPS can come up with another app "Groups" it can be a great addon... The success can be only possible when IPS make it and not just teh third party addon... It can be a big difference
  8. ​I just reshaped my forum structure and then it worked....Compromised with the structure....  but it was ok.... I raised support ticket  a week ago.....Now it is resolved...Thank You 
  9. ​Are you sure -  it was  fix due to upgrade...I have just moved to 4.03  and my forums are still hidden for guests
  10. ​Great............  I was having huge trouble.....then finally I rolled back...... 
  11. Will Groups work in IPS 4 ?

  12. Two plugins missing on IPB

    We cannot import contact and send invites -   as it is avilable mostly on all websites     from Yahoo Gmail MSN Facebook linkedin Groups CMS   by IPB is missing - We have one by third party  but it is not as featured in use....(it has to be by IPS) I wish something can happen 
  13. 4.0 - Front-end Responsiveness Round-up

    How about Downloads?
  14. 4.0 - Advertisements

    Can we have an option to consider ads on mobile skin too.   Currently when we place  a code in Global header , it works on all skins but not in mobile skin    Will this be considered?