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  1. Paid Service for Upgrading

    ​RC means release candidate.A candidate does not equal to "live". It's pretty close, it's almost there, you can feel it, but it still takes a bit more.
  2. Specifically V3 VS V4

    Nothing wrong with pointing out in a constructive way why one might think the thread is not effective, the rule of "abide by my exact wish or get out" feels a little too strict.There's plenty of documentation available regarding the differences, and everyone's take on them is a little different, so the best way to get through it is to take 20 minutes to go through them, so you can get your idea, rather than someone else's.As for my take on the upgrade, it's a lot of reasons, but it just comes down to: a recent framework compared to a 5 year old one. It results in subtle and not-so-subtle changes in everything.
  3. Thanks! Small changes, big impact.

    I'm with you. While I'm still waiting for fixes and getting around changes, it's so much of an improvement that I can't but thank the team for this wonderful work.Cheers!
  4. When is next beta release

    Damn I went there hoping Pages would be included! I'll be waiting for a while more, I suppose  Cheers, nice to see it moving forward
  5. Content multi language system?

    I do very much hope it's going to be available out of the box, but I do not think that will happen, unfortunately! Let's wait and see  it would be amazing
  6. For a final release before Dec 10, we would need a RC1 just about this week then.Considering Pages has not entered Beta stage yet and neither has Commerce, that sounds difficult, although utopistically possible.We shall see. I am eagerly waiting for a proper beta with pages to begin working on it all.
  7. ​That would mean there has to be a new beta each friday, thus marking each beta phase just exactly one week long.Isn't that a bit too restrictive?
  8. Wordpress nowadays is a CMS/Blog, Pages and Blog are respectively CMS and Blog, so it's not a weird question.I would assume you can move the same stuff if not more, but let's see what the Staff says, I would be interested too.
  9. IPB 3.0.3 is released!

    Well, now we need a thread asking when 3.0.4 will be released!
  10. CCS Pricing

    That's a good price. :) Can't wait now.
  11. When will the CCS be released?

    They said they'd polish it up a bit while they were working on fixing IPB and getting it more stable. But they also said it's done, they're just checking things, so it should be soon now that 3.0.1 is out (again, just speculating). There will be probably new informations around in the upcoming few days, or so I guess.