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  1. responsive ads

    ​ah thats the problem, OK on refresh. Yes using correct responsive code. My fault once again 
  2. responsive ads

    ​I see yours is fine but why is mine like this? 
  3. responsive ads

    I have tested using google responsive ads in the header and footer but it pushes the page out wide when reducing the size of the screen. This does not happen on my wordpress sites. Am I missing something? 
  4. admin login

    ​I did make the mistake of deleting the .htaccess from the main directory and have put it back again. Thanks all, problem solved and the other admin can now log in. 
  5. admin login

    ​ThanksI tried that and now all forums give a 404 error. 
  6. Logout Problem

    I had that problem so cleared browser cookies and that solved it. 
  7. admin login

    ​I can not see anything there to disable nor can I recall any type of setting there. Once you set up the security settings the options disappear. 
  8. admin login

    I have upgraded an unused 3.4 site to 4.8 so members of my other forum can use it to learn how it works but when I set up an admin he can not login to the admin panel. In his case he sees a different login than I do and it won't accept his details but I can log in using his details.This is what he sees and the log in I see is different. He has cleared cookies. Any ideas?    
  9. Get Ready For IPS 4.0!

    I cant figure out how to get the 4.0.0 compatibility script to run? Anyone? 
  10. Member copyright

    Please add a setting where an admin can choose not to allow members to add their own copyright text.