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  1. If you get the question from your FTP client on a folder, you choose to merge with existing folders. When/if you then get the question on a file, you choose to overwrite existing files. That's what was meant by merge and overwrite. Because you want to merge folders (so no existing files that is not within your patch folder (but is within the selected folder on the server) gets deleted). You usually only get the merge option if it's about a folder. As merging an already existing file with a new file with the same name would not be an sensible option for an FTP client. Some FTP-clients will provide the option of "Merge and overwrite" right away, which means it will merge folders and overwrite files.   
  2. Why make it harder than it needs to be? When you have 100+ different forums it isn't the most efficient task to go through the list to find the correct forum when you need to move it back either. 
  3. In IPS 4 when you hide a topic - all the posts within it are marked as hidden and you're no longer able to hide individual posts within the topic. This is a problem and different from the 3.X-series. For example the situation might be that you know there's been a lot of new posts that all need to be reviewed due to numerous reports from the same topic, the temperature of the discussion is high and you know there will be posts on both sides of your community rules. You wish to hide the entire topic while you read through it all because it may contain so many unread replies you can't risk "harmful" content to be visible any longer while you go through it all. Or you may simply not have the time to go through it and need to quickly hide the entire topic before you get another moderator to look at it or do it later. The plan is to make the topic visible again at a later stage, after you've gone properly through the topic and hidden the posts you wish to hide. Moderators are used to being able to do this from the 3.X-series. The only alternative solution for IPS 4 would be to move the topic to another forum that only moderators can read, while you sort it out. The problem with this approach is that moving topics between forums usually mess with unread markers and it's more of a tedious workaround than a proper solution. 
  4. IPS 4 Profile URL

    No. Because it's a per group setting and realistically the admin may want to change their decision at any time in the future.
  5. approval-queue

    That's wouldn't solve his problem. He is asking for comments on blog posts to still need to go through an approval process, but he want the author of the blog entry to be able to be the one approving the comments, even though they are not an moderator in any way on the site. 
  6. Yes, it being a task that would run every 5-10 minutes would also work. I do have cron-jobs enabled, obviously, but widget caches are only generated when the widget is shown and the former cache is outdated. (This is in general as it should be, since I wouldn't want to spend resources generating widgets that might not be needed. Some caches like this one, would make more sense to try and work into being updated by a cron-job instead of a visit though)
  7. Could you consider changing your forum statistics widget to make use of a longer cache time or use a combination of your earlier approach of storing it to a setting each time a new post is created and then also reset this every 24 hours or something?  Problem is it takes 3.25 seconds for me. Meaning that every 5 minutes someones gotta wait that much longer for the front page (or any page it's located) to load. 
  8. It seems you've activated a title length limit at this community. This really bothers me, as it seems very easy to hit if I want my titles for topics and bug reports to be as precise as I wish.  Could you please increase this limit again? 
  9. Show IP-Address on mobile devices

    Our moderators have also requested this.
  10. When receiving at least 25 reports a day, it's very frustrating that the default view when viewing the report center view is to show all reports. Including completed ones. Could we please have a filter that limits to "Under review" and "New report" and also uses this filter as the default when loading the report center. The same way it's done when you click the report center notification icon on desktop. 
  11. In IPS 3.4 you had a solution that would save the topic views to a separate table. Every 3 hours it would then run a task that would update the views-column for the topics-table from the data gathered in this separate table.  In IPS 4 you dropped this optional method and went with LOW_PRIORITY updates, which solves a problem where lots of queries to update the views-column in the topics-table could frequently lock the topics-table.  However, this is still far from ideal for big communities with a lot of topics and visitors present. As it means that the query cache, for queries involving the topics-table, is very unlikely to come into play. As a consequence this can play a significant difference in the average server response time for the community, as it's "never" able to utilize the query cache for "topic list" queries. I would like you to reconsider this approach and let us be able to get such an option back again.
  12. Using .ipsGrid can be useful, but I find that I often have to add extra CSS because I find ipsGrid_collapsePhone or ipsGrid_collapseTablet to waste too much space.  For example, I want to be able to say: I want this column to be 1/4 (ipsGrid_span3) on desktop, 1/3 (ipsGrid_span4) on tablet and 1/2 on mobile (ipsGrid_span6).  An example of where you could utilize this yourself would be the staff page. Currently I have CSS-rules like this:  @media screen and (max-width: 979px) { #klikkfeedBottom .forumArticleFeed li.ipsGrid_span4 { width: 48.93617021276595%; } } @media screen and (max-width: 767px) { .ipsApp .tekPopularForums .ipsGrid > .ipsGrid_span4 { width: 48.93617021276595%; } } Which I feel is far from ideal in the long run.
  13. Having a plugin is fine and dandy and all, I could probably make it myself, that's not the issue. But I really feel this is a thing that is natural to just have in the core. 
  14. No... The logged in member is always added to the list when that specific member view the list. (I'm not sure how to best explain this) Problem is that since they are added to the list (only for themselves and administrators), regardless of their anonymous browsing state, they feel unsure about whether they are hidden for other members or not in this list. 3.4 solved this by showing them the star next to the logged in members name in the list when they viewed themselves logged in as anonymous (It wasn't only for admins)