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  1. The topic display code is not possible to use in a sensible manner currently with the URL profile fields. If I simply use {content} I only get the URL already inserted within an a-tag. This is of no use, since I naturally don't want the plain URL printed. I want another text to be what you click on. So I would like to do <a href='{content}'>{title}</a>. But that doesn't work.  Could you please improve this?
  2. And before you mention Contributor Chat; I don't feel that is able to serve this purpose. Contributor Chat is used for many different types of topics which in a lot of cases doesn't involve discussions where a reply from a staff member is necessarily expected or has anything for them to act upon. The Contributor Chat also currently seems to be void of much contribution from IPS developers.  I personally feel a "bug" tracker category would be most useful, because: It would indirectly emphasize for the submitter that the report should lay out actionable information / a description of a "problem", that should lead to a change that would improve the quality/extensibility and/or efficiency of core code in the IPS products.   It would provide a clear incentive for IPS developers to go through a list where they could mark it as "fixed" (changed) for a particular version and thus makes sure that the suggestion is not forgotten. Proposed changes / or "problems" that  IPS Devs either don't see as a problem or don't want to change the code, and have decided to turn down would be closed. Suggestions still having a discussion would be pending. IPS devs should allow for some discussion (with their involvement) in the pending state if they initially consider closing it.   Third-party developers would be able to see which versions such proposed changes have been implemented in.
  3. I feel feedback and discussions surrounding code level changes can be just as valuable as feedback and discussion on features. I would like to propose a forum or bug tracker category where we may suggest code level changes. The reason why Sometimes I come across code in the core that I feel should be changed, however, my feeling is that this has a tendency to be easily lost and forgotten and not be noticed by the IPS developers in other forums, because it's not discussions that most regular members have anything to contribute on. The reason for change could be to improve the reusability and extendbility of the code, which could be of great value to third-party developers or system managers. And in turn could improve the software and third-party plugins and apps for regular clients. What I would expect from IPS If such a forum or bug tracker category was created I would expect one or more IPS developers to regularly review what's posted and join the discussion surrounding the suggested change, as it would be quite useless otherwise. While these things reported would technically not be bugs, it could be things that prevent third-party developers achieving what they want or forcing them to do "ridiculous" work-arounds. I really hope this can be considered and that I can at least get some response from IPS here. Currently I feel such feedback is littered around the forum and I feel unsure where to post a suggestion for the most likely consideration. More than once I've simply "given up" and decided to not provide the feedback, because it feels unlikely it will be noticed by the actual developers either way. I also see (and guilty of it myself) developers being randomly mentioned whenever such proposed changes come up in a discussion. Which may be frustrating for you and / or useless for us to do if you've chosen to disable mention notifications for this very reason. If we had a forum for these suggestions and changes we would know the developers would see and likely join in on the discussion. What IPS could expect from persons making such a suggestion Personally I would try my best to attach a suggested git patch for suggestions that I make or that I at least lay out the problem and my proposed solution to the best of my ability. People that would be posting and responding in such a forum should be expected to be developers that is knowledgeable with PHP, JS, HTML and CSS. This would not be suggestions that would alter how the core features in a standard IPS installation would behave or be seen from a regular user, but merely suggestions that would end up with code being refactored, moved around, changed, optimized etc.
  4. 3.5.x series

    I look forward to if they announce it once more on 1st April 2017 and everyone will believe it's a joke
  5. I've always done it like this for major upgrades and other prolonged downtimes:  Before require_once 'init.php'; In index.php I've for example added: if( isset( $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'] ) ) { $ip_addresses = explode(',', $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR']); $ip_address = trim( $ip_addresses[0] ); /* If the IP address does not equal the following, then show them downpage */ if( !in_array( $ip_address, array('::ffff:', '::ffff:') ) ) { require_once('downtime.php'); exit; } } If it doesn't require me to see the forum either (for example if I'm still on /admin/upgrade/), then I don't have the IP-check either. 
  6. This drives me nuts.  When I've edited the theme settings and save them, I'm redirected back to the themes overview. In most cases this is the point where I wish to then view how it looks on the front end and then continue tinkering with the theme settings in the same exact theme.  So in 9/10 cases it's far more useful to be redirected to the same tab I was in when I edited theme settings. I don't wish to then suddenly go and edit another theme... 
  7. Mobile posting

    I actually didn't encounter many problems with the editor on mobile with 4.0 and replied a lot with it, and I personally found it fine. But glad it's been improved for more people.
  8. IPS 4.1 is extremely slow

    What are you talking about? This is about server response time. It takes 7 seconds just for the server to tell you which external resources to load. In those 7 seconds it just makes one request, which it made at second 0. The problem is clearly about inefficient PHP and/or MySQL execution.
  9. When I pay with Paypal the Paypal receipt contains no useful information to determine which license it's about. This makes it more work for me to know (and document) which department and company I should file a request for them to pay me back for the license costs, when I gather all these costs up 1-2 times a year.In total I now manage the payments for 9 licenses, including my own. Knowing which community the different payments belong to is important. The receipts from IPS doesn't contain this information either and I can't use them anyway, since they don't tell me the actual cost in norwegian currency. Could you please include the license number and / or most useful the community url to be included for the receipts to be generated by Paypal where that's relevant? Thanks.
  10. In IPS 4.x, no "New Content" for visitors ?

    They have delayed the upgrade of this community to next week. You can check the preview board out here: http://ips41preview.invisionpower-staging.com
  11. Ability to modify user online list

    Rikki said this on the preview board: http://ips41preview.invisionpower-staging.com/topic/287-online-list-timeout/
  12. Yeah I also experienced this on the preview board for 4.1 one day. Let me say I was not happy since I had written 10+ paragraphs. Luckily I was able to go back in my browser at the time and it was still there (Which is not always the case when I go back in the browser) 
  13. In the Admin CP there is a widget that displays online admins. In the widget there is an arrow that will take you to where the admin is. When I hovered the arrow to the right I expected a description / breadcrumb / page title in a tooltip of where they were. So I don't necessarily have to click on the link to find out. But there is no information offered when you hover it.
  14. Pls bring back custom RSS feeds

    This RSS-option seems to be available on all activity streams you can create in the upcoming 4.1-version:  
  15. please, reorder category for ips4

    I would suggest for them to close the IPS 3.4 feedback forums for new topics, so only the existing ones can be replied in. Then in some months they should maybe close it down to new replies too. And maybe add an announcement that the 3.4-series is no longer in active development and that feedback for future versions can be posted in the feedback-forum for IPS 4 and be based on how it works in IPS 4.