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  1. And you should log how long time the task spent.  I've added some custom code to log this myself now in system/Task/Task.php public function runAndLog() { # HW_CUSTOM log task runnings \IPS\Log::i( LOG_NOTICE )->write( "Start to run task {$this->id}($this->key)", 'taskRunLog' ); $start = microtime( true ); $result = NULL; $error = FALSE; try { $result = $this->run(); } catch ( \IPS\Task\Exception $e ) { $result = $e->getMessage(); $error = 1; } $end_time = round( microtime( true ) - $start, 5 ); \IPS\Log::i( LOG_NOTICE )->write( "Task {$this->id}($this->key) was finished in {$end_time} seconds", 'taskRunLog' ); if ( $error !== FALSE or $result !== NULL ) { \IPS\Db::i()->insert( 'core_tasks_log', array( 'task' => $this->id, 'error' => $error, 'log' => json_encode( $result ), 'time' => time() ) ); } } But I feel you should log this information to the database table. 
  2. That there is not made a copy when the post is reported is problematic also for personal conversations. Which to my knowledge doesn't have an edit log. And I'm not interested in logging edits to all content, then I would wish that setting to only log edits made to reported content. And it should be easy to see and view the edit log from the report in the report center. 
  3. I'm trying to investigate frequent downtime periods that happens fairly daily, but still not with a clear interval between each time.  In doing that I'm trying to now look over whether any of the tasks cause this. The problem I have with that is that there are no log entries for when each task has actually been executed, so I can't see if any of the previous execution times for tasks corresponds to the times our servers tend to go down. 
  4. PHP 7.0.0

    I've read somewhere that IPB 3 doesn't work with PHP 7. What is it that brakes exactly, what error messages does it cause? I can't find the other topic for this. 
  5. After some searching I found this: https://dev.ckeditor.com/ticket/12142 Is that really still open? I see it's 18 months old, so seeing it's still in a pending state (it seems) is a bit worrying for the expectation that the CKEditor team will ever be doing something about it :|
  6. I did not mean to sound negative towards you, I'm very thankful for your time and would very much appreciate if you would look into it. I simply wanted to emphasize that in my opinion it should be consistent with how it works in other text areas on the iPhone, which involves that doing a full stop does not matter. Only hitting enter does. I didn't know that it apparently worked with CKEditor before (with a full stop), so I'm sorry for me not catching on properly what you said the first time. 
  7. I assume most people do a full stop (.) before hitting enter. But in my testing in other apps on iPhone, the textarea on a 3.4-forum and other forms on other sites, whether you end with a full stop or not, doesn't have any effect on whether it chooses to auto-capitalize in those cases or not. So it's not really relevant.
  8. I'm perfectly able to reproduce what they're saying on my own iPhone. Whether you end with a . doesn't have anything to say (Neither does it have anything to say in other places where iPhone auto-capitalize after pressing enter) 
  9. When you first click inside the editor with an iPhone, the first letter is automatically marked within the keyboard of the iPhone to be capitalized. However, this is not happening when you subsequently click enter for a new line or paragraph inside the editor. Is this something that can be implemented? Users on our community wish for the capitalize for the next letter to be automatically enabled when they tap to create a new paragraph. Saying that this is how it works in most other apps and forms on websites (it also did it in 3.4) when you tap enter to write a new paragraph (or line). So something they're used to is no longer happening, it's not consistent with what they've learned to expect.
  10. Problems logging in today

    It seems the main site was down at the time. Works now.
  11. I'm currently logged in in this browser, but I'm unable to log in with other browsers / devices. I just receive the error message "Something went wrong" error message on the page with the log in form. I'm 99% sure it's the correct login details.
  12. From 3.4 to 4 you changed so there is no longer a copy of the original content at the time it was reported within the original report.  This can be very problematic from a moderator perspective, since the moderator is interested in the content that triggered a report to be made. Also, upon other moderators reviewing the case or commenting the report, they may not realize the content has since been changed.  Let's say: a member writes something offensive, it's reported, and then the member edits their post to hide their original offense. The report then lacks the necessary context and evidence to make it be taken as seriously by the moderator as it should be.  I want a copy of the contents to be included with the report, as it was in 3.4, since it provides the context required. This should also cause there to be even be a copy of a deleted post within any report of that post. 
  13. Hi,  When there is a notification about a new reply in a topic (or some other notification) this presents itself in a black box at the bottom on the device.  This can be annoying sometimes, especially on mobile devices where space is limited and you're on a very active community. Suddenly there is this black box that drags your attention away and uses valuable space. You may not want to inspect the new replies right away and instead continue on writing a reply with no desire to see any new posts before you've posted it or continue reading the topic without the black box disturbing you. So when this pops up, could you let there be an opportunity to hide/close the bottom notification box on the current page? It would then not present itself again until you start a "new session" by refreshing the page or visiting another page. 
  14.   Happy to hear. I just hope it involves being able to remove the quote with the reliable use of hitting backspace on keyboards just below the quote. It really is all that would be needed. If someone wish to change something inside the quote, then it would make sense to navigate inside the quote with the use of the key up/down buttons on your keyboard for the PC or tapping inside the quote on tablet and mobile.
  15. When the first thing inside the editor is a quote in 4.1 it becomes impossible to use ctrl+a on the keyboard to select all (or right click and then choose select all in browser context menu). This method has been very much used by myself and members on a community I visit when we decide to not write a reply or start over with our post from a blank slate. It worked up until, but stopped working with 4.1.X.  Since it's difficult enough as it is to remove quotes already, the process of removing everything quickly becomes an inefficient and non-obvious chore to do. Leading to many complaints and questions from members on how they can remove everything from the editor in the update.  (I tried reporting it as a bug earlier, but it was closed.) Also see my very much related feedback topic on quote removal: