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  1. Looking for a Logo to be created.

    send me over some details such as size, colors, ideas and i'll knock up a few designs for you to look at, they will all be copyrighted and once you happy with a design, we can finalise it and i'll send over a non copyrighted layered image and whatever other format you request.
  2. BBC iPlayer

    can watch iplayer but the other page link is still broken, a use a program called hotspot shield which lets me watch tv from all other the world regardless of your location... ;)
  3. IP.Chat Saying User Limit is Reached

    same issue here..
  4. images all oversizing on main blog index

    I have a problem that all the images that are attached to a blog are all oversizing and ruining the layout I realise this is connected to the way i have the blog feature as our DJ's use this to display artwork for their shows which are set at a max 700px(w) x 300px(h) as you can see the individual blogs resize the items so its not distorted. But the main blog index for all blogs still continues to leave them all at the max dimensions making the whole layout rather messy... anyone know how i could fix this, im using IP.Blog 2.1.0
  5. is playing some funky shizz to his community with the bouncey radio app, nice work anthony

  6. Media Center Plug in for IPB 3

    Is there a list of what media IPB3 will enable? via this button.
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