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  1. Well if it's being considered it's good enough for me. :)
  2. Yeah exactly. Some aren't meant to be square so it looks ridiculous. Is it something that can be worked out in the next minor update? or a quick modification guide?
  3. I want to be able to set different thumbnail dimensions for each category, as in each category I use different shapes of thumbnails.
  4. Make it so when a custom field is added it's auto added to the search form so you can search by it.
  5. IP.Downloads 2.5 Dev Update: Comment Improvements

    Does it mean that a comment in IP.Downloads is counted as a post?
  6. Nexus Wish list (features)

    Also I want to add feature request to the Reward Points System feature suggested above. *Allow users to gain points for commenting in forums, for gaining reputation, and for being active in the forums.
  7. IP.Downloads Mobile Support?

    But is it being worked on?
  8. IP.Downloads Mobile Support?

    As you just mentioned, Android is the most dominant mobile OS right now, and still keeps growing along others mobile OS's. As mobile became one of the most used devices to surf the internet, download applications, music, and such I'm seeing it very useful and needed to support IP.Downloads in mobile skin.
  9. A user could search by tags, and select more than one tag to filter content. Here is a mockup for example: More details: If a user choose Tag1, all content that was tagged with Tag1 will be displayed. But if the user choose more than one tag (for example Tag1 & Tag5), only content that was tagged with both tags will be displayed.
  10. When will IP.Downloads will be supported in the mobile skin?
  11. What do you think of 3.2?

    You know you aren't forced to upgrade. Any update to the software is welcomed. I seem to like IPB 3.2, better than 3.1 for sure!
  12. IP.Board 3.2.0: Sign In & Registration Interface

    Why not use a system like Facebook does which a user is recognized by his E-mail address and then he can choose a display name of his real name without worry that his name is already used by another member?<br>
  13. IP.Board 3.2.0: Easy Member Management

    Looks amazing! I hope that the front end template will get some of these new AdminCP magics.