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  1. Suggestion, Adding polls to articles

    I would also like polls since I want to get rid of forums all together and only use IP: Content.
  2. Suggestions: IP: Nexus (3 Total)

    I have 3 features I would like included into IP. Nexus [*]I want certain departments for certain member groups. If you're a VIP member group then you you have access to the VIP Department. [*]I also want a department that only 2 people can see, but when you set someone else as the owner it would give him access to that ticket even though its in a department he doesn't have access too. Right now it shows he has a ticket, but says he doesn't have access to the group. (Ownership of the ticket should bypass the department permissions) Thanks :smile: [*]I want sub-departments. You pick the support department "servers" and then a new box appears called sub-departments, and you can pick which server support you want. (EX: Invisons website uses Packages and you click general support then you pick which package you want general support for.) You don't have this option without associating support departments with packages.
  3. Invision is by far the best support team ive seen in any product.
  4. Navigation menu per page

    My idea is having the ability to make a navigation menu different for multiple IPB: Content pages? Im trying to build a new index page with a separate menu so I confuse people on how to join my community. I was also going to register a new domain to link that that new index file. I usually use the IPB Wrapper to have the look of the website be similar. I just don't want to use my HUGE menu on this new index file.
  5. please add support for alertpay

    This has already been mentioned many times HERE
  6. Suggestion, Adding polls to articles

    I would also like polls added to articles.
  7. I have a bunch of news posts with polls but when promoting to article it doesn't take the poll with it, would be a nice feature to have :)
  8. +1 on this. I want to sell Cafepress stuff on my website with my price increase without having to have someone buy it, then have me buy it from cafepress for them.
  9. Google Checkout - Alert Pay - and more

    +1 for alertpay
  10. [Suggestion] Add YouTube videos.

    Yes. I was already hoping it had this feature when I bought it. Currently using a forum called "pictures & videos", here everyone posts pictures and links videos. Sucks gallery can't do this which means I still need the video forum. Should be able to make the ability to add off site videos as others have said.
  11. Hide Last Post Info

    I think the Hide Last Post Info should be group based. I love the feature but it sucks having my leaders and clan members still see the "Protected Forum" instead of all the messages.
  12. Unsure about IPB

    lkadon, I only want to point out one thing. IPB has one of the Best Support Systems I've Seen. They've responded to all my tickets extremely quick and are always very knowledgeable.
  13. IPB 3.1.0 features

    Multiple Domains would be a great idea. Much like this site uses.
  14. IPB 3.1.0 features uses what I'm talking about.
  15. IPB 3.1.0 features

    The ability to add multiple domains (Multiple forums with different categories) to 1 invision database install that shares members/post stats/etc. when you login on the homepage it displays your websites instead of all your forum categories. When you click on a website it then displays the forums like IPB does now. Each website would have the ability to have its own categories/forums/sub-forums.