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  1. could you please check your pm ? thx :)

  2. [HQ] Member of the month

    Version 2.3.2


    Member of the Month (MotM) MOTM is an application that will allow you to designate a “member of the month”. Compared to the previous version for IPB 3 has been added the “elections” feature, now users can vote for their candidates.   Features: Admin can set up Application on/off. Enable/disable Motm widget in home page Admin can enable/disable Motm Archive Page (with historical data) Popup modal window for Staff Note Settings to configure a signature for motm note Stats page in acp to easy find your motm 12 stats displayed on widget for member of the month Members can vote for their candidates Notify user   MotM are tested on default IPB skin (4.1.X), for custom skin I provide a full support for free!!!   Installation Log in to your IPS4 Admin CP Go to System -> Site Features -> Applications Click “Install” Upload the .tar file included with this distribution and install!   USAGE From your AdminCP, go to:  


  3. Hi,

    I have downloaded your badge maker but I am completely useless at actually making badges using Photoshop.  Can you help me please?

  4. Fake Content Generator

    This app is very useful for dev. Thx for help us.
  5. Will there be an update to Google CSE soon? Compatibility with 4.1.x and make Google Standard Search Engine would be great.

  6. would id be possible to add that users change their primary and secondary groups, and then apply badges

  7. Hey we purchased your HQ Custom pages but the ZIP is broken.

  8. Google CSE

    Version 2.0.1


    Description Google CSE is an application that adds Google's Site Search as an option to your search dropdown.    Earn money with this using Google AdSense If you want to integrate your Google AdSense account into these search result, you need to have a custom search engine (CSE) created for your site. From the CSE Control Panel you'll find a link in the left side menu that allows you to connect your AdSense- and CSE account together. Please note that I am not an AdSense users. This information about this ability is just pulled out of the documentation provided by Google.  Coming soon: You can choose who's allowed to used it Use as default option.   Compatibility last check: IPB 4.1.7


  9. [HQ] Profile Statistics Tab

    I try to update all of my mods and apps.
  10. Hey Invision :D

    I have another problem with Forum icons.

    Please when you have the time reply to my PM.

    Thank you.

  11. Badges

    Version 3.3.0


    This application will allow admin to setup a badge for any user in topic view with a large customization options. Features:  Admin can set up Application on/off. Admin can set up which groups or which members have a Badge in topic view (secondary group support!). Admin can set up which forums show the single badge Badge "Link To" feature  Custom Style (you can "move" your badge anywhere in the topic view)  This app now support CSS BADGES responsive badges placement   Staff Badges are tested on default IPB4 skin (4.1.7), for custom skin I provide a full support for free!!!


  12. 3rd Party App Developers

    ​Same here.
  13. hmm hello, you still haven't replied to my PM after I gave you my ACP details to fix the forum icons thing for me on animate skin please do :(

  14. [HQ] Awards

    I'm working on it.
  15. [HQ] Featured Topics

    Version 1.2.1


    This application will allow you to bring a topic and/or topics to the center of attention of all your users by adding it/them to the featured list at the board index. Topics added to the featured users list will appear in a random order. Every time that the forum page is refreshed a different topic will appear with a short preview and some other info. The forum permissions will be carried intact. Meaning if a group/s does not have permission to view the topics of a certain forum then the topic/s featured from that particular forum will now be shown to it/them. You can display the featured topics list at the top of your forum index, bottom or sidebar. You can also enable and disable the application, choose the group/s that you want to view the featured topics list and as last but not least you can also control the avatar size of the thread starters. Also all the actions of the admin in regard to the featured topics, (adding, editing and/or removing), will be logged to the admin log in the acp. Installation: To install the application, unzip the mod package and upload the contents of the admin folder inside your admin folder keeping the structure intact. Then go to your Admin Panel->Applications & Modules->Manage Applications & Modules and on the right side where it says: Applications Not Installed you will see a new application added called: Featured Topics. Click on the install button. To configure it go to the Other Apps tab then from the drop down list choose Featured Users and it will take you to the Application 's Management Area area where you can add featured users and set the settings. Under the Configuration Tab you can add topics to appear at the featured topics list and manage them. Then at the Settings Tab you can set the settings for the following options: 1) Enable/Disable the application. 2) Choose the position where you would like to display the featured topics block. At the top, bottom or sidebar. 3) Choose the group/s that you want to view the featured topics. 4) Choose the avatar size of the thread starters. Configure everything accordingly to your needs/likings. For more info on how the application looks like when being used, please check out the attached screenshots.