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  1. AutoItScript added a post in a topic Recently Browsing is not really...   

    The widget is pointless as it stands. I've removed it on my board as it's just a waste of resources to show your own name
  2. AutoItScript added a post in a topic Cookie Consent (again, sorry!)   

    The silktide wizard recommended just before </head> (head bottom), so that's what I did on mine.
  3. AutoItScript added a post in a topic Cookie Consent (again, sorry!)   

    IPS made it pretty clear that they don't care about this issue so you're on your own.
    On my site I followed the link from the Google email above which led to a wizard at 
    Then I used my plugin to add the code into the <head> section so that you don't even need to edit a template.

  4. AutoItScript added a post in a topic How to speed up the Background Processes?   

    Cron runs once a minute and works out what it can execute in 45 seconds (it was 30 seconds but got changed in a recent update). That means that for 15 seconds out of every minute no processing is occurring when using cron. On the other hand running manually is running all the time but in smaller chunks and there are all the constant http requests for each cycle. So, it's probably about the same  
    The fastest way is to temporarily enable cron and then run a script from ssh that forces it to run constantly rather than each minute:
    #!/bin/bash while : do /usr/bin/php -d memory_limit=-1 -d max_execution_time=0 /var/www/vhosts/ xxxxxxxxx sleep 1 doneThis is safe to run each second or two because if a task is already running it will just exit without doing anything.
    You don't have to be offline while the tasks run so as long as your members are aware that content is being fixed it's not a massive problem. Except for search, search indexing runs last (last I checked) so searching is offline for the duration.
  5. AutoItScript added a post in a topic View Signature: Standard = Active   

    I just created a new member and view signatures was enabled by default. I wonder what is different on your board.
  6. AutoItScript added a post in a topic Warning for IPB owners   

    I don't really follow the logic of the original post. You seem to be saying that because your adsense views are down and when you view your own site it looks normal that the most logical conclusion is a hack that hijacks adsense views and goes to the trouble of masking itself if a registered user looks at a page? That's quite a leap!  Is there any tampering you've found at all or is this all based on adsense views?
    My adsense earnings dropped significantly for a few weeks after upgrade to IPS4 but they are back to normal now (adsense likes content that changes infrequently, jumping from version to version for a day or two will skew your results). And because IPS4 shows ads much better in mobile view as well that part is improved. Just make sure you change all your ads to the google responsive type or you won't be getting the benefit. Mobile views alone could account for a large difference in the number of ad views when you go back to v3.
  7. AutoItScript added a post in a topic "New Content" link/lookup not available for guests?   

    A lot of people, myself included have Activity Stream disabled either for guests or everyone because of the board killing query that is Activity Stream -> Posts. Hopefully it will become usable in the planned rewrites.
  8. AutoItScript added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Allow sidebar to be hidden/collapsed
    Half my members like the side bar on the main forum index, half hate it with a passion. Is it possible to add something to collapse the sidebar please?
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  9. AutoItScript added a post in a topic Seperate forced merge posts   

    I just tried to do a plugin for it, but unfortunately you can't hook into the right place. If you are comfortable editing source files each release you can do this by editing system/Content/Item.php around line 3030. The commented out line is the original.
    /* Merge? */ if ( $lastComment = $this->mergeConcurrentComment() ) { $valueField = $lastComment::$databaseColumnMap['content']; /* $newContent = $lastComment->$valueField . $values[ static::$formLangPrefix . 'comment' . '_' . $this->$idColumn ]; */ $newContent = $lastComment->$valueField . '<hr id="post_automerge_line">' . $values[ static::$formLangPrefix . 'comment' . '_' . $this->$idColumn ]; Then in CSS you can style it up:
    #post_automerge_line { border: 0; height: 1px; background-image: linear-gradient(to right, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0), rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.75), rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)); } 
    Looks nice - I'm totally adding it to mine  
  10. AutoItScript added a post in a topic Post number in topic ( #1 , #2 ...)   

    My members were so happy when I added that  Simple things.
  11. AutoItScript added a post in a topic Start New Topic Button (IOS / Responsive)   

    I brought this up a few weeks ago. The start new topic button/mark all read option is in the wrong place for mobile in the topic view. Rickki shut me down.

  12. AutoItScript added a post in a topic Seperate forced merge posts   

    Yeah I agree. I did a few quick replies in succession to someone on here the other day (PM), and it looked a mess. Some subtle separator in the reply would have made it much better.
  13. AutoItScript added a post in a topic Add option to cancel forced merge posting   

    Search for "Merge concurrent posts" in the ACP.
  14. AutoItScript added a post in a topic Content Count / Post Count - Ridiculous. Needs to be changed quick.   

    It really breaks group promotion by number of posts as well. At least you can promote by reputation....oh wait