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  1. Is there a latest posts widget or block?

    My forum (signature) has a Popular and Latest Topic replies widget setup. Edit: Oh nvm, I'm using topic/replies you wanted just posts.
  2. Activity Stream: Still too hard to click on Unread circle

    Nvm, I'm wasting valuable saturday drinking time.
  3. Activity Stream: Still too hard to click on Unread circle

    On the board index at If you look at the last topic info on the right the link is a "do=getNewComment" type so it goes to the last unread. On the sub-forum "Product Feedback" this is different and goes to the first topic. Then in other places and streams topic titles goto the last post, clicking on the time like "29 minutes ago" also takes you to the last unread. It's all over the place. Anyway, this is completely off track. What remains is the circle is too hard to click on streams. On the forum view and the old View New Content view it had a decent amount of padding.  
  4. Activity Stream: Still too hard to click on Unread circle

    I've never wanted to go to the last post in a thread. I either want the first post, or the last post I've not read. That's what all the links in other parts of the forum do. 
  5. I suggested this in an earlier version of 4.0.  Ryan or Rhett (I forget) said no because it would be "too cluttered" at the top and that you spend most of your time at the bottom of the forum. Didn't make much sense to me, but there you go   Edit: Ah found it, it was Rikki. And it was the mark forum as read button, my mistake.  
  6. It's still too hard to click on the unread content circle in an activity stream without clicking on the author avatar or the topic title. On an iPad it's a 50/50 success rate. Also, shouldn't the title take you to the last unread post (or last post if none unread) anyway like it does from all the other links on the forum? For example, clicking a title on a thread on the forum index takes you to the last unread. If activity stream followed that convention then it wouldn't be a problem that the unread circle was difficult to click.
  7. 4 characters is the default mysql fulltext configuration which is what IPS will be basing their support on I guess. In previous versions you could change a setting in the ACP but it didn't do anything if you went lower that what mysql was configured with. Some hosts, especially self hosted, drop this limit to 3 or 2. But it's a mysql configuration rather than an IPS one. And you have to rebuild all your full text indexes when you do it. Check your /etc/my.cnf file for "ft_min_word_len"    ft_min_word_len Command-Line Format --ft_min_word_len=# System Variable Name ft_min_word_len Variable Scope Global Dynamic Variable No Permitted Values Type integer Default 4 Min Value 1 The minimum length of the word to be included in a FULLTEXT index.
  8. I'm pretty sure either here or on the preview site it worked as expected. So hoping it's just a config option already. Otherwise it's not very useable on tablets. 
  9. In Safari it also stores up the dings. So I just came back to the forum. Switch to the tab that has this site on it then I get 20 dings because I have 20 notifications. My ears!
  10. I think this is a recent change with the menu structure. Previously on my tablet I could single click Activity and it would open up the choice for All Activity / Custom Steams but without changing the page. Then I could select my custom stream. Now something has changed and clicking on Activity is pausing and automatically loading All Activity so I have to wait seconds for that stream to load before I can select my stream. Essentially I have to always view All Activity before I can get to the actual stream I want making it annoying to view on a tablet. Easiest to see on an iPad/similar in landscape. This is a recent change so probably just an oversight in the menu config.
  11. In 4.0 I've been using Pages to create my menu structure. One of the features that's been missing for me is I have a few menu links that link to other parts of my site and other sites but I want them to open in new tab. Basically a checkbox for custom links to add the target="_blank" part to the URL. I checked out the Menu Manager video hoping that this option would have appeared but I couldn't see it. It's a super simple addition that I hope can be made for 4.1 final.
  12. Safai/Mac and New Browser Notifications

    I just tried it with both Chrome and Safari. In Chrome a "ding" is played straight away when the notification comes up. In Safari it's only played when you switch focus back to the IPS app. As it doesn't work consistently and is pointless on Safari I think I'd rather have the option to turn off the ding and let the browser handle that itself.
  13. I'm not quite sure how the new browser notifications are supposed to work.  I've got my Safari notifcations set up like this: If I'm browsing in another tab or something and someone replies to something I'm following then I get the "Banner" popup saying that it occurred and no noise plays (as configured above). But then if I switch to the tab with the forum in it I then instantly hear a "ding" sound. So the question is why is the ding playing at all? And why is it only playing too late when I switch back to the forum? I have already been notified of a reply so the ding seems pointless? I've not tried it in Chrome yet, maybe it works differently there?  
  14. Mentions

    Yeah, I didn't like the styling either. It's the pre/post spacing that looks off to me.  All of this can be changed in custom.css though so it's not to much trouble (survives upgrades, etc)  
  15. I like the idea. I think a top level menu with "Unread items" will go down well on my forum. Anyone else feel the content title and the who/when/where subtitles are the wrong way around? The who/when/where is fairly irrelevant and it seems to be jumping in my face in the current style Edit: Oops, this should have been in the activity stream thread. I got lost in my clicking