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  1. Big clients using IPB

    OP asked how IPB worked with big boards and others answered so why should this discussion be moved to the members lounge and the feedback forum? So please stop getting all defensive. Also, not everyone's website revolves around a discussion forum. No need to insult. "I don't believe a slow loading memberlist warrants a broad "IPB isn't scalable" declaration." If a car runs out of gas after 50 miles does that mean it can go 100 miles? "You're going to tax MySQL sorting through 2 million members without any additional provisions" Tell that to the largest MySQL database in the world with over 800 million active members. Keep digging.
  2. Mobile Skin / Board - what's the future plans?

    This was posted yesterday...
  3. Your auto meta tags need some work

    +1 x 1,000 Forums are worthless if no one can find them.
  4. Who here is looking forward towards a Windows 8 tablet?

    Are you talking about this? http://www.engadget.com/2011/09/13/windows-8-for-tablets-hands-on-preview/
  5. IP.Nexus 1.4 Dev Update: Hosting

    [quote name='mat206' timestamp='1318005685'] This is awesome - don't get me wrong. But who made the development decision that this software should integrate web hosting? Your core IP.Nexus products could use probably thousands of upgrades to get it to the point it matches up with some of the better ecommerce packages out there. Take a step back and put some serious thought into what you are doing. Hosting has nothing to do with ecommerce - and time spent updating it is time spent not working on making the core of IP.Nexus better.How does IP.Nexus stack up to Magento? Use that if you need inspiration. There is still so much that can be done before worrying about hosting.http://www.magentoco...roduct/featuresI hope this isn't upsetting, but I'm sure many more people who bought Nexus for regular ecommerce applications would prefer that. You guys are always talking about how you build applications based on the needs of the general populus. Hosting is a niche need.. They probably had to code the hosting option for their hosting plans anyways so they might as well integrate it with nexus.
  6. IP.Nexus 1.4 Dev Update: Hosting

    Cool, now how about IP.Content?
  7. worries about forum systems! Please help

    Perhaps there are more IPB websites out there than VB. Maybe no one gives a **** about a VB site and would much rather use an IPB website instead. Therefore users will do just about anything to get back to an awesome IPB site. Maybe you should do the internet a favor and install hardware DDOS protection and stop trolling a superior product just because your all butt hurt.
  8. Found a bug in IPB 3.2

    This bug has already need reported :)
  9. Is it just me or do IPB pages load slow at first then fast right after installing 3.2 beta 2?

    1. AndyF


      Caching probably, the first page load will be slower if its not partly in your browser already, js etc

    2. c u l8er

      c u l8er

      I thought of this but I switched to a different browser and they loaded fast. Its like any page that I am visiting for the very first time has to cache with the server.

    3. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      It's not the browser's caching - IP.Board has it's own caching system for posts, signatures, etc. :)

  10. Ummm sorry google, your not aloud to promote your own products anymore. Ohhh and you can forget about putting ads up, no one likes them anyways.

  11. IPB 3.2: Too Much Whitespace

    I find IPB 3.2 much easier to skin than 3.1 or any other version. The design is so simple and its easier for me to invision something on a simple, neutral, and clean slate than it is on something like 3.1. If you are going to use the default skin then your probably waisting your time as there is already thousands of websites using the default theme. If not then I would expect you to either download a skin or skin it yourself. If that is the case then I don't understand why you would complain about the color when it can easily be changed in 6 letters/numbers if not 3.
  12. Wordpress - Invision Bridge

    IP.Content is the way to go. If you were to bridge with wordpress or any other bog or CMS you will always have to worry about integration, updates, new versions, etc.
  13. Voice your opinions (Change IPB 3.2 Now)

    agreed. /thread
  14. 3.2 Suggestion

    Inside the topic view move the "go to first unread post" inside or right after the page numbering. I think it would just make more sense on the left side next to the page navigation instead of next to "reply to this topic"
  15. I believe you have the 960 GS idea wrong. Its not about lining up small objects like buttons and text. The idea is to have a fixed layout that is 960 pixels wide. Then from here you can equally divide this number up and be able to style the large objects (like bodys of text, sidebar, ads, etc) accordingly.