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  1. File leftover from upgrade

    I wish IPS would create a tool for this.  Run it, and it cleans out all old unnecessary files and folders. 
  2. Popular/Active Extra Stats

    Some suggestions.   Add option to either show Active Users or Popular Content, or both. Add option to display at the top or bottom of forums (board index) or the menu.
  3. Member Reviews

    $70? No Thanks.
  4. +1 for this as well. There has to be a way to set all posts as un-approved until they get approved. It would be nice if it was part of IPB, but even a third party mod would be useful for some.
  5. 3.1.x Read/Unread Posts.

    I'm not sure why I put 2.3.x versions, as I'm currently running 3.0.5 and it works ok. Was wondering if I should post this in peer to peer?
  6. I have a test board setup using 3.1.1 and made two accounts to test some settings. Has the way messages get marked read changed since the 2.3.x versions? I notice I can post something new under one account, and then log on under the other one and it shows all messages already read. The only thing that is the same on both accounts is the IP address. Even when logged out, and on as guest it shows marked as read. So I decided to log on via my phone (Android) and low and behold, the messages were marked NEW on the phone as a guest. I have two people in the same household (IP Address) that read the forums, both admins and this wouldn't work out that good. If this is not the case what could be wrong? It's happening with both the default IPB skin and one I purchased from skinbox.
  7. User Issues

    I have this happening with a member also. Firefox says "can't connect" or won't connect. In IE they can see everything, hear sounds, but can't type anything due to not seeing the "input box". I'm getting some screen shots to post. " alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="144">
  8. User Names Missing

    I had this problem, I have standard member colors set to WHITE, so when they enter that chat all you see is the profile picture since the chat is a white background. So the question to IPS is, is there anyway to change the chat colors, font colors, etc? EDIT: Doh, should of known this and looked first. :) You can just edit the CSS under Look & Feel/<skin name>/Manage Templates & CSS/CSS and edit ipchat.css
  9. Post Image resize option in ACP

    I just want my images that are used with the IMG tag to open in a new window like the 2.x versions, and not expanding the skin.
  10. New Mobile skin coming soon

    any news on this?
  11. Ok, moving this up. Surely there must be a easy way to fix this, skin edit, etc. I like the old 2.3.x way of opening the image in a new window rather than stretching the skin. Anyone?
  12. I was wondering if there is a way to open pictures that are posted with the "IMG" tag to be opened in a new window, rather than expanding the skin width and height? Works better on fixed skins.
  13. Mobile skin eta?

    Yeah, any idea when this will be available? Even if we get it in 'testing/beta' form? With the popularity of the iPhone, all the new Android and Touch devices this needs to come soon. :)
  14. Never seen this before....?

    I just got this error this morning and I'm running 3.0.5. EDIT: It's from a Google IP.
  15. IP.Board 3.1.0 Development News

    Looks great. I agree with the above, and chance of the "like" feature? and maybe a "dislike" feature that facebook hasn't added yet?