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  1. Overall score for: 65/100
  2. Suggestion: Search Activity

    I don't see anywhere option to disable the Search Activity. When you use for example Google Analytics you don't need it. How disable it? In my opinion should be a built-in option.
  3. In new version IP.Board (3.4.0) we have built in functionality "Best Answer" and new filter "Show un/answered topic" (for example: Why when I set the filter "Show unanswered" I see list of topics with replies (2, 5 or more)?For me "unanswered" means: topic with no replies (not topic without best answer). It should be logical. So we still do not have a real filter 'Unanswered topics' :sad: The current filter is misleading. Filter "Show un/answered topic" should be rename to "Show un/resolved topic" Logically, it should be: Topic unanswered = Topic with no replies Topic unresolved = Topic with replies but without best answer (Author did not receive the correct answer to the question) Do you think the same? More info:
  4. [Feature Request] Quote selected text in a post

    Yes, I agree
  5. 8 Years vBulletin / Many Mods

    Mod Quick Selective Quoting: (Pav30) Selective quoting
  6. INNODB and MYISAM type

    You have old news :D InnoDB "is safer" because have automatic crash recovery. In case shutdown You needn't check/repair database (MyISAM may require). Look here:
  7. INNODB and MYISAM type

    That's not true because when I tried change table ipb_postsalter table ipm_posts engine=innodb; I saw: Only some tables I can change for example: members, forums
  8. INNODB and MYISAM type

    Why IP.Board not use INNODB? INNODB "is safer" than MyISAM
  9. 3.2 Wish list ...

    I agree with this. Suggestion: show unanswered topics
  10. I think that is a great idea! Official support for the language something like Mozilla's Localization Home Now, as you have a problem and you don't know english don't know where to search help
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