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  1. Can't upload files to IPS!

    Had this myself but when you check the file it is uploaded so am assuming it is there (as file awaiting approval then cannot be certain)
  2. IPB v4 Classified Ads

    There is already a Classifieds being worked on
  3. Halloween 2015

    Version 1.0.0


    Dark Halloween Theme with Team icons and online/offline images (little animation on the left logo image)Team Icons will not appear in any other theme as are separate and not linked to other themes you may haveIncludes:PSD Files for logo and team iconsFont for themeReadme.txt file  (includes installation instructions)Themed for the following:ForumBlogGalleryDownloadsPagesChatCommerceCalendarPlease contact me if wish to view demo.You will be able to upgrade to all future 4.0.x that IPS release and should not affect the theme (if it does then please contact me)Terms & Conditions: To be installed on one forum only, to install on more than one then you will need to purchase skin again (contact me for discounts for purchasing more than one skin). You are not allowed to re-sell the skin or make profit directly from the skin. You do not have the right to redistribute this skin set in any way. If you wish to purchase copyright removal then please contact me for more details


  4. Depends how old it is.The older it is then likely open to problems of possible hacking as likely you have not updated any security patches when they were released.If earlier than 3.4.x then there is also not much support as IPS do not support older versions anymore and unlikely members here will not have older versions installed so can help with any issues you may have in the future.Other than that should be an install or read me file within your version explaining how to install
  5. For installing IPB and any of the IPB Add ons (e.g. Nexus) then IPS can do that for you free ... just need to ask in support ticket in your client area
  6. Have asked this a few times but seems to get nowhereWith the Menu when creating menu's in Pages why not have it so that can have option to show only in Pages or in all appsIn Pages might want other links to other Pages and make the IPS Apps in their own menu drop down but might not want all the same menu's showing in other IPS Apps 
  7. Perhaps posting what help you are looking for so as to give members an idea what is required ???
  8. Lines Between Info Pane Fields

    add to ipb_styles.cssscroll to bottom and add after all the others
  9. Lines Between Info Pane Fields

    try adding to css:.author_info li { border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc; }obviously use your own color
  10. [Idea] Group icons

    Interesting ... sell the idea ....   No ... not doing thatHave posted tutorial on my site (not sure where to post here at IPS as if post in this topic it will just get lost over time). 
  11. [Idea] Group icons

    Yes there is ... have done so in current theme am working on (took me quite a bit of working out though as am not a coder due to not understanding any of the code but am a skinner)
  12. PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff

    Glad you liked If tutorials help people then am happy with that  
  13. Suggestion - IP.Pages

    Glad someone else likes the idea (assuming we are thinking the same)
  14. Suggestion - IP.Pages

    Not quiteWhat I want is to replace the nav menu (forum, blog, gallery etc etc) in IP.Pages to have its own menu there in that place and for the forum, blog, gallery etc to keep the same nav menu it already has (do not want the Pages menu to show in any other app)
  15. Suggestion - IP.Pages

    Wondered if there is was a possibility in the future release to have an option to create a menu in IP.Pages (using the Menu in IP.Pages or some other way) that only shows on there and not in the forum etc and also an option for the navigation links in forum, blog. gallery etc to not show in IP.PagesHope makes sense ?