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  1. When you say "community vote" Charles are you referring to if you should or should not support charity or if voting on which charity everytime it's time to rotate to support? It's unfortunate that both will cause arguments and in the end only hurt those that are actually supported by these charities but you are running a business and it's sad to say that no matter how good your intentions now that this has come a little more into focus you may need to decide whats best for business. In the end there will always be entitled, opinionated members or as I like to call them lobbyists :smile: that will start this fight. I guess you have to decide if it's a fight you're willing to take on. I would also like to point out and this is in no way an accusation to Jessica but if you are a customer why are you not part of the customer group? I also notice that your site is not utilizing IPB products in any form. Why are you really here?
  2. Is there an IP Classifieds ?