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  1. AVSIM.com added a comment on a file SpamTrawler Integration   

    I purchased SpamTrawler yesterday and have brought it online. I had a small issue with the included paths, but Oliver was instantly there to assist and we had the problem fixed and online in less than an hour. Changes to the integrator were made and Oliver instantly uploaded it here and is version 4.7.1. Thanks Oliver for a great program / add-on for IPB!
  2. AVSIM.com added a post in a topic IP.Content is an abysmal failure of a product.   

    Well, you found him. We are not developers, by any stretch of the imagination, but our system works pretty well. It does the job for us. We have over a million page reads of our main portal a month (www.avsim.com) and it has held up well. Yes, it has a steep learning curve. Yes, it can be a challenge... but if a newb like me can put an IPC system together, anyone can. I certainly would not call it an "abysmal failure" by any stretch. And, like most, we looked at the Wordpress / IPB integration path and in fact even attempted it. It was a disaster on a number of fronts.
  3. AVSIM.com added a comment on a file Auto Reply to PMs   

    And it works very well Adriano. Thank you for the fast response.
  4. AVSIM.com added a comment on a file Auto Reply to PMs   

    Excellent again Adriano. Suggestions; Would like to have a preview function so that I can see my response without having to use a fake account to test the response. Also, the editor allows html, but the BBCode switch in the editor is gone. So, I have either a plain text format or an html format. I would like to be able use BBCode.
  5. AVSIM.com added a post in a topic Migrating from Wordpress to Content   

    I encourage you to take a look at http://www.avsim.com. We are a 103,000+ member system, and are pretty active. We migrated from a WordPress concept, which we spent countless hours trying to get to work, to IPContent in the spring of 2012 and haven't looked back sense. Yes, there is a steep learning curve, and there is always a need for improvement, but IPContent has made our lives much easier. The ability to have a common template through our articles, news items, special features, user id, etc., was the primary reason for going with IPContent and abandoning the WordPress integrated with IPB mess, that you have apparently been trying to maintain.
  6. AVSIM.com added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.4.4 Editor Testing   

    Testing the editor for the delete key fix.
    Appears to now be working.
    Thanks guys.
  7. AVSIM.com added a post in a topic 3.4.2 Patch   

    We did upgrade to 3.4.3 and the delete key issue lives on.
  8. AVSIM.com added a comment on a file Ban Members From Forums   

    Excellent addition! This gives us another tool to keep the malcontents out of forums they are looking to disrupt. We have brought in online and it is working flawlessly. I would like to suggest the addition of an automatic expiration of the forum ban. That is, give the moderators a choice of setting an automatic "unbanning" after 15, 30, 60, 90, 180 days, or allow it to remain permanent. The Error message could contain the statement of "This ban is for X days" or "This ban is permanent". We would really like to see those additions if you could. Thanks again for a great mod.
  9. AVSIM.com added a comment on a file (M34) Form Manager   

    A little late to this question, but have a look at http://forum.avsim.net and click on the Contact Us tab.
  10. AVSIM.com added a comment on a file Friends Online   

    Easy install, works great... a great feature addition to AVSIM.
  11. AVSIM.com added a comment on a file Topic Preview On Hover   

    Works very well. An excellent addition to our community feature set.
  12. AVSIM.com added a comment on a file Disable Right Click And CTRL + C   

    [quote name='ΑndyF' timestamp='1347797048']
    Regarding the concern (you have PM with more detail anyway) I can confirm it worked just fine on Firefox 15, Internet Explorer 9, Opera 12, Safari 5.

    The issue Andy is not that a browser is not working with it. The issue is that is crashes the board on the server. It is not a browswer issue at all. I posted that error message in the PM you reference.
  13. AVSIM.com added a comment on a file Disable Right Click And CTRL + C   

    Doesn't work on our system - causing our system to throw an error and crash. Then, I was told, "it was my problem" because it worked on "many forums" and that the IPB admins had approved it. Our's was the first puchased. Beware.
  14. AVSIM.com added a comment on a file Quiz System   

    $15 a year renewal? You're kidding, right?
  15. AVSIM.com added a comment on a file FAQ System   

    You can see a demo of it here: http://forum.avsim.net/faq/. Please keep in mind that we are still developing our FAQ system, so what you see here is not really fully populated. A very good add-on for us and well worth the investment. Thanks Eshter!