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  1. darkmesaia added a post in a topic Favorite Browser?   

    Waterfox aka from firefox source
    64bit only and very good experience/speed etc
  2. darkmesaia added a post in a topic Ip4 Release date?   

    Yes one date will it's very nice to know, at least approximately :)
  3. darkmesaia added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.1.3 Developers Update: Hooks Improvements and Changes   

    Good evening,

    Me I'm a normal user and I enjoy the work you and your project,
    what i want to I know is the mods have come up now that is for 3.1 will work properly in 3.1.3?

    This only from me :)
  4. darkmesaia added a post in a topic ip.content   

    What is what I need for 3.0.5 eventually the 1.2.0?
  5. darkmesaia added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    Good evening,

    We have the version 3.0.5 and want to learn about the ip.content, what version we can use what is last version;

    Thanks in advance
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