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  1. Favorite Browser?

    Waterfox aka from firefox source64bit only and very good experience/speed etc
  2. Ip4 Release date?

    Yes one date will it's very nice to know, at least approximately :)
  3. When will is ready version 3.3.0 final and stable!!!!

  4. About when to release the path/ for fixed files for 3.1.4!!!

  5. IP.Board 3.1.3 Developers Update: Hooks Improvements and Changes

    Good evening, Me I'm a normal user and I enjoy the work you and your project, what i want to I know is the mods have come up now that is for 3.1 will work properly in 3.1.3? This only from me :)
  6. ip.content

    What is what I need for 3.0.5 eventually the 1.2.0?
  7. ip.content

    Good evening, We have the version 3.0.5 and want to learn about the ip.content, what version we can use what is last version; Thanks in advance