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  1. Classifieds

    With the recent news of 4.1 I'm hoping we won't have to wait until 4.1 to be released before we see Classifieds..
  2. Announcements on main page only

    I created an announcement from Moderator CP, selected to show on forums, and then added the announcements block on to the main forums index.The announcement only shows on the main index..
  3. What phone do you use?

    HTC One M8.
  4. RC4 downloading errro

    I also got this error....I'm cloud hosted also just had IPS do it instead..
  5. Tony Kart Racer 401

  6. Pages Examples?

    I'm also interested to see some examples. I really like your site opentype. Very clean.There seems to be an issue when viewing on mobile however. The index takes an age to load and then there is some strange behaviour with the menus and css elements going blurry. Using HTC one M8 on lollipop standard browser. 
  7. Change Application Title?

    Thanks guys!
  8. Change Application Title?

    Or does that literally just change the navigation tab?
  9. Change Application Title?

    I knew I could do it this way but I would rather not change the language used suite wide.If I have to do it that way then ok, but I don't really want to have to change all mentions of forum/forums in the language bits.
  10. I may be missing a really obvious setting here but have been unable to find it so far.I would like to change the "Forums" application title to "Discuss"In v3.4.7 you could change the application title and it would change the navigation menu to suit. Do I have to create a new tab and link it to the forums application? Seems like there should be a setting for this.An example of this is on This site. "Downloads" should really be "Marketplace" (This may be intentional but it demonstrates what I'm after.)