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  1. Vicros added a post in a topic All IPB forums breaching EU law   

    Wow, that guy needs to do something for himself instead of wanting IPS to do it for him (as if they dont have enough to do as it is). Its not no ones responsibiliy but your own to make sure your own site meets everything it needs to. They have done their part, now do yours.
  2. Vicros added a comment on a blog entry IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Mobile Skin   

    Wow, so nice! Thanks a lot guys. Yet another reason on the list why IPS is the best!
  3. Vicros added a post in a topic Apple is Through!   

    Apple is far from over dude. This is just the beginning of a new era for Apple. Things are going to only get better and yes like others have stated Jobs was a dick to... well everyone.
  4. Vicros added a topic in General Chit Chat   

    Required skin edits for 3.1.2 to 3.1.4?
    I posted this in the tech support but no one has answered me so I'll ask here.

    What are the needed skin edits to upgrade a 3.1.1/3.1.2 skin to 3.1.4?
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  5. Vicros added a post in a topic 3.2 Skin Proposal   

    While I agree with some of ur points, I think the default skin is great. That's why we have guys like ehren and Oliver to help get a skin we like lol.
  6. Vicros added a post in a topic Buy Items with Points?   

    Kenneth while this was a nice idea and i would like to see implemented as well, you need to relax on the staff here a lil bit. They have so much going, especially right now its crazy. There are alot of things most of us would like to see, but it all just cant be done (at once). Honestly as far as staff personality and public relations go, IPB has the best. The "OTHER SOFTWARE" staff (edited lol) will ban you for....err nvm, i wont get into that but just have a look around and you will see what i mean. So please if you feel that way about these guys then keep them to yourself, they make the forums look...ugly.

    Have a nice day bro.
  7. Vicros added a comment on a blog entry IP.Nexus Second Pre-Sale   

    Well because Nexus has always been something i been looking forward to and i only like to use products made by IPS if at all possible for better integration.
  8. Vicros added a comment on a blog entry IP.Nexus Second Pre-Sale   

    Dang...I knew i missed something when i was gone. I had no computer access besides my cell phone and i was too busy to be able to check the site. Any chance of a Phase Three Sale? Please..... :thumbsup:
  9. Vicros added a comment on a blog entry Skin Design Contest Winners   

    Congrats to all the designers who entered a skin. I loved most of them. I cant wait to get my hands on all my favorites..and a big congrats to ehren..