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  1. HeadStand added a post in a topic Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB   

    I would love to say yes, but I'm so grossly behind schedule with just about everything right now, that I just don't see how that can happen.
  2. HeadStand added a post in a topic Re-add onCompleteAccount Member Sync Extension   

    I use that ALL the time. One more vote from me...
  3. HeadStand added a post in a topic Can VNC please save the filtered forum list   

    Yes, I do.
  4. HeadStand added a post in a topic Topic custom fields - possible?   

    Let me know when you leave something over for the rest of us please.
  5. HeadStand added a file in Social Experience   

    Social Stream v5.0.4
    This application is a replacement for the Super News Feed (https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/3608-super-news-feed/).
    Acts as a social stream for the suite, including:
    Images/screenshots displayed in the stream contentReply to content right from the screen. Content is posted to the appropriate location (example: if a user comments on a topic, a post is added to the topic).Automatic Refresh - content will update every X seconds (configurable in the ACP)Ability to filter the feed by members you are followingA widget that can be displayed on any page of the siteCurrently supported:
    New TopicsNew PostsNew Blog EntriesNew Blog CommentsNew FilesNew File CommentsNew Gallery ImagesNew Image CommentsNew Calendar EventsNew Event CommentsNew RecordsNew Record CommentsComing VERY soon:
    Support for ReviewsIntegration with Reputation
    • 3 reviews   
  6. HeadStand added a comment Recreate IP3 Friends Module   

    PM sent.
  7. HeadStand added a file in Utilities and Stats   

    FAQ System v3.0.0
    The FAQ System allows Administrators to create custom questions and answers and display them anywhere on their site.
    Uses the full IPB EditorGroup Questions into FAQ Collections to show different questions on different pagesDisplay Collections easily on any page, in any IPS componentAnswers are displayed in a popup window so users are not taken to another screenNote: This mod is the 4.0-compatible version. For the 3.x version, see http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5761-faq-system/
    • 3 reviews   
  8. HeadStand added a post in a topic Paypal subscriptions 4.0 no longer work, IPS says to cancel them?? Can't you create a legacy gateway?   

    This is death to sites that make use of recurring payments. If customers set up their subscriptions to auto-renew, it is likely that at least half of them will not come back to set up a new one. For some sites, that's thousands of dollars in lost revenue. 
  9. HeadStand added a post in a topic Acitivity could be improved   

    My Super News Feed app is currently in the process of being updated and is near completion. This mod served as an Activity Stream for version 3.4 and includes most of the functionality mentioned in this thread - ties in with all content (including status updates), allows for direct commenting, etc. I hope to have the v4 version released within the next week or 2.
  10. HeadStand added a post in a topic Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB   

    Well, it's geared specifically toward IPB, as opposed to IPB AND vBulletin AND xenforo and a whole bunch of other platforms. That means that it's designed with the IPB forum admin (and user) in mind. We've also done our best to keep 3rd-party hooks intact, and we've also implemented various hook points so that other contributors can work with our API (although it should be noted that they would only be able to affect the data going back and forth and would not be able to actually change anything on the app itself).
    Additionally, as mentioned previously, we intend to support all of the IPS applications, whereas Tapatalk only supports the forums.
  11. HeadStand added a post in a topic Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB   

    ​We haven't finalized pricing for that, but most likely yes. It will be minimal, though.
  12. HeadStand added a comment on a file FAQ System   

    Posting here because almost no one is following the support topic. 
    I am looking for beta testers for the 4.0 version of this mod. If you are interested in testing (even if you have not purchased the 3.x version), please PM me.
  13. HeadStand added a post in a topic Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB   

    ​Yes, we intend to support all IPS apps, although we will not begin work on that until we are fully released, AND we support v4.
  14. HeadStand added a post in a topic Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB   

    ​It's the same pricing as Tapatalk, which makes it market value.
    Yes.No. The only data that gets sent to us your license key (for validation). Also, if the app crashes with some unknown error, we send ourselves the stack trace so we can troubleshoot. But that only includes technical mumbo-jumbo and nothing personal about your server or users.Push notifications are still in development, but they will be in place when we release to the public.No more of a strain than someone using the desktop version. (Note: this does not relate to push notifications. We haven't finished implementing them and therefore I can't give you a concrete answer on that yet.)It's the API that allows your mobile app to talk to your IPB installation. It's a regular IPB application, just like anything you would get off the marketplace. It will be encoded.