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  1. I'm working with \IPS\Helpers\Chart for the first time. First of all, let me start by saying that this. Is. Awesome.  Seriously, I love this piece. I just have one teeny tiny problem. We have regular charts, which are nice. We have dynamic charts, which are incredibly amazingly cool. I want to use the dynamic charts because this is exactly what my client is looking for. However, the dynamic charts appear to be heavily reliant on dates.... and the data that I'm working with doesn't have a date at all. Can we either: 1. Make the date parts optional or 2. Move filtering into the standard charts? The idea is to allow us to filter the data by anything we want, which the dynamic charts already allow... as long as I have a date with it. Which I don't. For now I'm going to have to either create my own chart type or build my own header area and JS, just to accomplish the same thing. Seems like a waste.
  2. Attachments: more flexibility, please?

    Thanks. I would appreciate it though if it could at least be put onto whatever "sooner-rather-than-later" list you have.   In the meantime I think I'll be removing attachments from the editor field and putting them into a separate upload field for "related files". I'm not thrilled with it, but I don't see any other easy way to do it.
  3. Attachments: more flexibility, please?

    Ping @Mark @bfarber. Would really appreciate it if someone could at least take a look at this and tell me "yes, we'll do this, maybe by version ___" or "too bad, figure something out yourself". If this isn't going to be implemented in the near future, I'll need to do some refactoring here, so the sooner I can get a response, the better. Thanks.
  4. One of my clients has requested that attachments (to editor content) be displayed slightly differently. He wants me to set up a separate box with the text "Related Files:" and then thumbnails for each file. It seems that the attachment display is hard-coded into \IPS\Helpers\Form\Editor and that it is actually stored in the DB with the content. The storage part is fine... except that there is no way for me to specify a custom template for my attachments. I also don't see an easy way for me to hook into this without overwriting most of the getValue() method. It would be great if we could specify a template in our EditorLocations extension, or even better, to format the attachments as we see fit. So, to summarize, I'm thinking: An optional method in the EditorLocations extension (e.g. attachmentDisplay( $attachments ) ) In \IPS\Helpers\Form\Editor::getValue(), check if the attachmentDisplay method exists If the method exists, call it. The method should return the formatted content that would be stored in the database If the method does not exist, use the current logic that loops through all attachments Is this possible, and if so, how soon could it be implemented (just so I can set expectations)? Thanks.
  5. I would love to say yes, but I'm so grossly behind schedule with just about everything right now, that I just don't see how that can happen.
  6. Re-add onCompleteAccount Member Sync Extension

    I use that ALL the time. One more vote from me...
  7. Can VNC please save the filtered forum list

    Yes, I do.
  8. Topic custom fields - possible?

    Let me know when you leave something over for the rest of us please.
  9. Social Stream

    Version 5.0.4


    This application is a replacement for the Super News Feed (https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/3608-super-news-feed/). Acts as a social stream for the suite, including: Images/screenshots displayed in the stream contentReply to content right from the screen. Content is posted to the appropriate location (example: if a user comments on a topic, a post is added to the topic).Automatic Refresh - content will update every X seconds (configurable in the ACP)Ability to filter the feed by members you are followingA widget that can be displayed on any page of the siteCurrently supported: New TopicsNew PostsNew Blog EntriesNew Blog CommentsNew FilesNew File CommentsNew Gallery ImagesNew Image CommentsNew Calendar EventsNew Event CommentsNew RecordsNew Record CommentsComing VERY soon: Support for ReviewsIntegration with Reputation


  10. FAQ System

    Version 3.0.0


    The FAQ System allows Administrators to create custom questions and answers and display them anywhere on their site. Uses the full IPB EditorGroup Questions into FAQ Collections to show different questions on different pagesDisplay Collections easily on any page, in any IPS componentAnswers are displayed in a popup window so users are not taken to another screenNote: This mod is the 4.0-compatible version. For the 3.x version, see http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5761-faq-system/


  11. This is death to sites that make use of recurring payments. If customers set up their subscriptions to auto-renew, it is likely that at least half of them will not come back to set up a new one. For some sites, that's thousands of dollars in lost revenue. 
  12. Acitivity could be improved

    My Super News Feed app is currently in the process of being updated and is near completion. This mod served as an Activity Stream for version 3.4 and includes most of the functionality mentioned in this thread - ties in with all content (including status updates), allows for direct commenting, etc. I hope to have the v4 version released within the next week or 2.
  13. Well, it's geared specifically toward IPB, as opposed to IPB AND vBulletin AND xenforo and a whole bunch of other platforms. That means that it's designed with the IPB forum admin (and user) in mind. We've also done our best to keep 3rd-party hooks intact, and we've also implemented various hook points so that other contributors can work with our API (although it should be noted that they would only be able to affect the data going back and forth and would not be able to actually change anything on the app itself). Additionally, as mentioned previously, we intend to support all of the IPS applications, whereas Tapatalk only supports the forums.
  14. ​We haven't finalized pricing for that, but most likely yes. It will be minimal, though.
  15. FAQ System

    Posting here because almost no one is following the support topic.  I am looking for beta testers for the 4.0 version of this mod. If you are interested in testing (even if you have not purchased the 3.x version), please PM me. Thanks.