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  1. Client Area 'Site' Category

    Yah .. but one that's for site issues means that it might get to a tech earlier ;)
  2. Client Area 'Site' Category

    Today the site here was unusable due to a CDN issue, when I tried to report it in my client area there is not option for advising that the site had a problem. Billing, Sales etc don't seem the right spot and if I use the normal support option it want my site when I am trying to report a problem here. Thanks, Larry
  3. Download Manager and the Marketplace

    Well yes that is doable but it is not nice and of course people don't tend to really read all of the instructions before clicking download. When the download list appears and for example an application has optional pieces it is the same where do you tell the user which file is which? Multiple files are permitted in DLM just filename is not sufficient (my opinion) when there are multiple files presented there needs to be something to tell the end user to what each file relates. This isn't just a suggestion for the Marketplace I would like it for Download Manager generally but the need is greater in the MP.
  4. Download Manager and the Marketplace

    Oh and of course we would need to be able to order the files so that they are presented sensibly. :)
  5. Download Manager and the Marketplace

    As most will have an idea I took over some Marketplace applications. With the looming v3.4 and v4.0 there is an issue that will be exacerbated with multiple version files for applications. Let's use Shoutbox the names are; Shoutbox 1.1.5 (IP.Board 3.0 & 3.1).zip Shoutbox v1.3.7 (ipBoard 3.2 & 3.3).zip Now those names are meant to tell the user which version of ipBoard that the file relates to, apart from the fact that people are likely to miss that information is trying to be shown the problems are; The names are too long, depending on where the file is downloaded the file pathname of the file on the users system may pop the limits Special characters like spaces and especially the '&' can cause problems. & in a file name on unix where the name hasn't been escaped is nasty. As stated the information (ie relevant ipBoard version) is buried in the file name What I would like is that for each file version there is an optional 'note' for that file that would be displayed next to the file name with information about what that file is about like; File: Shoutbox_v1.1.5.zip Note: This file is only for use with ipBoard v3.0 & v3.1 File: Shoutbox_v1.3.7.zip Note: This file is for use with ipBoard V3.2 & v3.3 only File: Shoutbox_v1.3.8b3.zip Note: This is Beta 3 available for preview only That would then be shown for the user when the files are listed (obviously I can't do it here) When v3.4 comes out I am likely to have three files for selection, when v4.0 there will be four and so on. Adding a note for a download also allows us to add optional widgets like; File: SB_Spy_v1.1.5.zip Note: Content Spy for SB v1.1.5 This is really necessary guys. Thanks, Larry
  6. IP Content... Content

    Using the templates & blocks you can pretty much add anything, if you are starting from scratch though there is a considerable learning curve.
  7. When I do a IPSText::truncate( $s['s_message'], 100 ); If there is html in the startup it is counted towards the length of the string. This means that the shortened text (visually) can be dramatically less than the required number of characters. What I think needs to happen is that the tags need to be stripped and the offset calculated without the html and then that offset translated into the formatted string. I know easy for me to say :tongue:
  8. Day/Week View

    Finally using the calendar, in Day/Week view the from/to times should be shown next to the event it seems unnecessary to need to actually open the task to get that info. Thanks, Larry
  9. Editor Preferences

    A request in my Tracker for shoutbox is to allow the user to set their preference for;Font Size Colour (there's an etc at this point but the above three seem to be the only reasonable ones) So how do I set these in the editor? Next is how can I grab the permitted settings so that I can then let the user select and save? Thanks, Larry
  10. Paid support - direct link

    I have a paid support area for people, what I want to be able to do is put a direct link to this area in my blurbo's ... as far as I can see I can only drop them to the 'Support' option in Nexus I want to select the department and have them dropped directly to the pay dialogue without needing to do anything else, once paid then they are allowed to enter their issue. Thanks, Larry
  11. Away on a steam fan rail trip back Monday

  12. Lack of Documenation is SO Frustrating

    I agree and the issue of being able to download the dox and search as something like a pdf.
  13. Validating Custom Fields

    I have had no response from the brew crew
  14. New Bug Tracker, powered by IP.Content

    [quote name='Marcher Technologies' timestamp='1342593549'] People need real world examples(with the accompanying code) to begin to grasp IPC, these examples, while seemingly trivial to you Mark, make the difference for new IPC users. Exactly! If you can do something like this .. then .. SHOW US so we can learn!
  15. Support custom fields

    the new fields are great, but can we also select them in the department edit area. If I create the following custom fields; and when I add each one then I add the departments, fine no problemo. But later I add another department and I want to add them to that one I have to go to each field and add the custom field. I should be able to do it while adding/editing a support department. Larry [*]ACP Login [*]FTP Login [*]Access URL