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  1. Will Groups work in IPS 4 ?

  2. With your Social groups add-on do post made in the groups count towards the Members post count and overall forum post count?

  3. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    Yes it is. 
  4. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

     I have resumed development for the app. You can track the progress here:    The current "beta" is actually reasonably stable which is one of the reasons why the app hasn't been updated (school/work are demanding my time).    I am guessing the final version of the app should be done in like a week, then it is just getting some people to test it so I can ensure everything works properly.
  5. That upgrade fixed all those errors I was having with the sound alerts... consider me a slave for life if you ever need anything. You can hold me to that.

  6. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    [quote name='Lemos' timestamp='1339204724'] Looks great, but I read that "the application is limited in its ability to be translated". I run a brazilian board. Is it possible to translate Social Groups in AdminCP (or externally)? The front end of the application should be fully translatable. If you find any strings which cannot be translated then you can report them and I will make them translatable.
  7. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    [quote name='Sonya*' timestamp='1334580638'] It's auwful. It uses non SEO friendly http redirect and cookies to get into group forums, so that search engines have difficulties to index the topics. This is resolved in 2.0. It now checks permissions on the back end and bypasses IPB's cookie requirements for forum passwords.
  8. 8 Years vBulletin / Many Mods

    This feature is built into my Social Groups application. It can be found here:
  9. You could encode the file although that seems a bit over the top.
  10. Well then can't you generate a unique function each time a board is installed. Maybe a random string to map the characters in the alphabet to? This would definitely make ipb the most secure forum software password hashing wise.
  11. What I think the ideal solution would to be having a function that "translates" the salt into something else before the hash is created. By default just do a rot13 or something but allow admins to define their own unique function so the hash will be of a string that isn't stored in the database but it will still be easily generated.
  12. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    [quote name='Tule' timestamp='1332608390'] We installed this and it works great except when the group forums are created, nobody has permission to post in them. Is there a setting somewhere that we can fix this? Yes, you need to make sure that you configure the permission grid in ACP -> Social Groups -> Settings -> Forum Permissions. You should fill this out like you would any other public forum. In the future if you would post your support requests in the support topic ( you will get much more timely responses.
  13. bring the TAB back

    I personally like tab to indent text... that is how it works generally. I get annoyed when it moved my cursor out of the input box unless I am filling out a form.
  14. Do developers get a free version of IPB?

    No, at least I haven't ever heard of this happening.
  15. Group Enhancements Requests

    My app Social Groups has some of these features.. may be worth looking into.