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  1. coffee with salt. yummy!

  2. Giveing Up

    Um. I agree a little bit, there's good A++ support but a lack of a complete documentation for non-experienced users... anyway at least we always try to help each other. If you need help with something just send me a PM and i'll try to help you ^^ Regards,
  3. Overtake vbulletin

    Would like an ajax search that display "X" results titles at the time that you write something on the box. Only on the basic mode not in the advanced :) Regards,
  4. Question + Feedback

    Right here you'll find everything that you want: Regards,
  5. vB to IPB+ Transfer Questions

    Yes. Can't answer the other questions, but one less :) . Regards,
  6. I have now switched from VBulletin

    Hi again :D Welcome to the family Regards,

    You're not a client... are you?# Joined: 49 minutes ago Um... Regards,
  8. Community Suite for Testing Purposes

    Don't worry, thanks for the replay ^^ Regards,
  9. Hi, Sometimes's hard even for developers (modders and skinners) to work with all your products at least on this case. We've purchased the licence of IP.Board just for work on it but's a little bit irritating when our clients find issues with the IP.Gallery, IP.Downloads and IP.Blog. We'd like a Community Suite (non fuctional at all) just for testing purposes {Even a Beta}. Or at least a private demo board (timed like the actual demo version). But's a little bit unfair pay for something that we won't use at all... at least a discount? Regards,
  10. If I renew

    welcome back to IP.Board :thumbsup:
  11. "Written by Andy Miller" Regards,
  12. One final suggestion

    Agree +1
  13. Game recommendations

    Devil May Cry 4 :o