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  1. Key Feature list?

    Before going through a major upgrade we always like to butter up the members (you know how people hate change) Is there a key feature list that shows the major changes between 3.x and 4.0?  Thanks!
  2. phpBB to IPB

    I just thought I'd chime in here, it's been a number of years since I switched from PHPBB (probably 4 years) while I've learned a lot since, I was still pretty green back then. The conversion for me was a breeze! I didn't loose any content and I'd never dream of going back. (PHPBB has it's place don't get me wrong) but I think you'll find your switch to IPB pretty painless. There's an Apple like quality to IPB that's enjoyable.If you run into issues, just bug the support staff, their unhumanly patient with these things in my experience. :)
  3. IPS 4.0: Internationalization and Localization

    You have got to be kidding me! We just launched some new sub forums on our growing forum which are dedicated to International speakers. Our product happens to appeal on a global scale and we've been trying to figure out how to support multiple languages on what is currently an English dominated forum. We just had a meeting up it this evening. I pop over to IPB and find this, fantastic! You sure the spam service only tracks spammers ;) 
  4. Harlem Shake!

    ha ha ha this is fantastic :lol:
  5. (DP34) Global Sidebars

    Great mod! My side bars are showing globally without any issue. I believe this mod has come a long way since first released. Support was also prompt. 
  6. Glare by IPS Themes

      It "work"  be a few things such as "best answer" feature doesn't display correctly. Christian already stated that he plans to upgrade. My guess is when 3.4.1 comes out ;) 
  7. Support

    Just wanted to send a quick thanks to the IPB staff :) I've been with IPB for a number of years now, every time I contact support (I try to keep it for my most extreme cases) I'm always promptly responded to and assistance is more often than not above and beyond my expectations. Just need to give credit where credit is due. My most recent interaction was with Collin. It was a simple question but as always was responded to quickly, professionally and with some money saving advice. Thanks!
  8. Am I getting in too deep with ip board?

    Ah I miss the days of playing with my HO scale trains :) I can't wait till my children are a bit older so perhaps I can start back up with it again. Anyway, IPB is as easy as it's going to get in my opinion. There is going to be a learning curve no doubt but if changing the logo is your biggest worry you're set. A little reading goes a long way but changing themes, updating etc is all quite easy. I used to run PHPBB way back when and made the switch to IPB. I was weary at first but haven't looked back. The community is active here and the staff are top notch. Well worth the license fees. Installing add ons in IPB is much like using a standard OS. It's point and click.
  9. PM add Group

    Whenever I contact a member on my board I usually add my staff to the PM using the "add recipient" option. (Keeps everyone in the loop) It would be nice to have an "add group." option. :)
  10. Indeed. Nothing worse than a forum admin who was picked on in school. I've found that walking around with a big stick is usually more than enough, it's very rare the stick needs to be used. When an issue does arise, more often than not, a simple private message to the member in question usually resolves most issues without ever having to use the ban or restrict options.
  11. This trick has actually worked quite well for me. My community as a whole has some niche content one forum is particular I noticed was of interest to a lot of visitors. This little gem does indeed help bring in new posters. Though, if your content is weak this generally wont work. IMO that's common sense anyway.
  12. The worst/dumbest thing you've done to/on your site?

    I've done a number of things over the years. But one that comes to mind was when I moved my entire member based into a restricted group Including myself and the staff...Then went to sleep. Realized my mistake once I woke up to quite a few phone calls.
  13. License key warning on localhost

    hmm even after adding "-testinstall" When I try to activate the editor, after hitting submit it still defaults back to disabled? Anyone else having this issue? I have a legit lic key.
  14. PHPBB 3.08 to IPB

    You know, PHPBB was great for me when I first started but let me tell you, IPB is such a breath of fresh air. The admin panel is so seamless, the board works well and most important my members prefer IPB hands down. The conversion was simple, the staff is very helpful and if they'd don't come to your rescue, someone here on the forum will. There are some great folks here. I don't think you'll be disappointed.