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  1. Renews and waiting for access?

    I already did lol, it didn't work, I'll just wait EDIT: Nevermind! It worked that time :)
  2. Renews and waiting for access?

    I am also waiting :) Just now renewed it :P
  3. Suggestion: Dual Authors

    I would love this feature, count me in :)

    It's called IP.Gallery, and yes you can set it to where when you or someone else, must have their image approved first. You can even set it to where only certain groups need to be approved.
  5. Has finally renewed IPB, just in time for 3.1! Can't wait for Nexus now!

  6. Community Skins Preview

    Very nice! Can't wait!
  7. loves my new site now that its using IP. CCS :)

  8. LOL! Thanks for the good weekend compliment :) Hope you have one too!

  9. LOL Actually, no, I didn't have THAT much fun. But OMG! I'm really gonna be having fun tomorrow when I try to get out of bed. (((NOT!)))
    I Hope you have a really great weekend. :)

  10. Yea, they look at each payment no matter how you pay, manually, that way there is no fraud. You should have gotten it by now :P
  11. Suggestion: Ban From Topic

    Snatched it up :D
  12. Suggestion: Ban From Topic

    Awesome :) Is it a hook?
  13. Suggestion: Ban From Topic

    Awesome can't wait :P Downloading as soon as it's approved!
  14. CCS Pricing

    OMG!! I'm so buying this the day it comes out!
  15. CCS: Templates

    Can't wait for it!