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  1. It of course works. We have it running 24/7 on two IPB 3.4.8 based forum. Something else is bad on your site.
  2. beta 4

    ​Ah, thank you! I never knew about this "feature". Just unfollowed and hope no notifications will come.
  3. beta 4

    ​Of course NOW I do, because I asked a question and want to get an answer! I never subscribed to it before!
  4. beta 4

    I'm sorry, why do I receive notifications about this and a bunch of other topics? I never subscribed to them and there's nothing in my followed content list. I'm kinda fed up already with all these useless notifications, which I can't stop.
  5. beta 4

    Damnit, why I keep receiving these crappy notifications for the topics I never subscribed! And I can't even unfollow them!After you upgraded IPS Community there're TONS of bugs and this one is one of them. Once again: I NEVER followed the whole bug tracker and IPS Community Suite forums. Ever. Don't want any notifications from them anymore! Fix this, please, and ASAP!
  6. This problem lasts for YEARS! Please, do not make it overcomplicated. You guys just speak English, this is why this issue doesn't bother you at all. If your native language was Russian or Chinese for example, you'd find some time and people to sort this out. Anyway, I wrote a simple hook already. And yes, it did take some time, because I'm absolute noob in you hook system and not the best programmer in the world. You alone, my friend, could do it in 1 sec. No need to gather all IPS Staff and brainstorm it to death.
  7. Version 1.0


    This is a super simple hook, which removes character restrictions for display names. It lets your members to use local language in display names and some weird characters to decorate them. Very useful if you have non-English board and set character restrictions to latin letters and numbers only.


  8. Nice to see this topic ingnored. This is such a difficult task, that you probably can't assign anybody to it.
  9. Version 1.0.7


    This is FREE & PROPER Russian translation of IP.Board, based on official localization from IB Resource. All words and phrases were carefully customized according to their placement in board interface, many language inconsistencies of original translation fixed, all text elements standardized. In general, this is a brand new localization. Due to IBR "silent refusal" (guess, they were just afraid to be compromised) I'm publishing this localization here. Please, distribute it to make proper Russian IPB translation a de facto standard. If you'll notice any errors, please, notify me. It's pretty hard to track all the issues alone.ACP is not tranlated! But I'll do it, if this localization will be in demand.Installation Log in to your IP.Board Admin CP and visit the Look & Feel tab -> Manage Languages page. In the "Import Language XML" section, browse to the "language.xml.gz" file included with these instructions and click Import.  NOTE: Installation can take some time, be patient. * * * Это человеческий перевод IP.Board на русский, сделанный на основе официального перевода от IB Resource. Все слова подогнаны под соответствующие элементы форума, убрано огромное количество стилистических ляпов, присутствующих в оригинальном переводе, текст стандартизирован и приведен в порядок. Фактически, от старого перевода ничего не осталось. Поскольку IBR отказались опубликовать данный перевод у себя, побоявшись, что их это скомпрометирует, выкладываю здесь. Не стесняйтесь распространять этот перевод, чтобы правильная локализация стала стандартом де-факто. Если заметите какие-то ошибки — обязательно сообщайте. Все недочеты в одиночку отследить очень сложно.Панель управления не переведена! Но если перевод будет пользоваться спросом — сделаю.Установка В панели управления форумом выберите раздел "Внешний вид" - "Управление языками" - "Загрузить языковой пакет", найдите файл "language xml.gz" и нажмите кнопку "Импортировать".  ВНИМАНИЕ: Установка может занять некоторое время, будьте терпеливы.


  10. Limit status length

    I've noticed some members using huge statues on my board. Well, it's OK if you don't enable status updates sidebar hook - several too long statuses will make it super big. Would love to see an option to either limit status length to given number of characters, or crop them automatically in sidebar hook.
  11. I've just figured out, that there's no searching for members by birth date. Seems pretty strange to me, since not everyone uses Calendar. On my board it's disabled, for example, so there's no way to find out, who have birthday even for tomorrow. Mind adding this feature? Not much work, I guess. Just and extra option.
  12. That was just a suggestion! I bet it can be shortened to something like this: {2,3,4::suffix1::5-7::suffix2::default_suffix}
  13. Actually, I've just came up right with the same question and asked it in Support. Indeed, it's a bit of a problem, which, I think, can be even solved globally. You don't need to know all available languages - you only need to ADD AN OPTION to use multiple plural forms. You can add a simple format for strings, which can be used to add as much plural checks as needed. Here's a small example, which came in my mind right now: Single form - stays as is. Multiple form - if no format given, stays as it. When formatted - parse it. Format:%a ... %a - delimiter, needed for parsing purposes only {nums}::X,Y,Z[X-Z] - plural numbers, which have different suffix (X,Y,Z - list of numbers separated by comma, [X-Z] - range of numbers) {suffix}::suffix[default] - suffix for alternative numbers ([default] - default plural suffix)Example: member%a{nums}::[2-4]{suffix}::i%a - means, that if number is plural and equals 2 to 4, "memberi" will be displayed, and for the rest - "members". More complex example: member%a{nums}::[2,3]::4::[5-8]{suffix}::i::ye::ses%a - memberi, memberye, memberses I think it's very easy to parse and all number-suffix work will be done by your customers, not yourself.
  14. Please, add an option to MANUALY set a limit for subalbums and comments display. Look at what I have now: And there're around 30 images total. So subalbums list just goes and goes forever. And we also definitely need "Show all" link below comments list.
  15. Version 1.0.1


    A very simple hook, which adds a button in Quote/Multiquote/Edit row to insert post author name or selected post text. Similar to this one, but for IPB 3.2 only. Nothing special here to show or explain - works plain and straight.