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  1. Gary N added a comment on a file Tournaments   

    Why no DEMO?

    screenshots are vague too
  2. Gary N added a post in a topic GAMERS - What game are you getting next?   

    Battlefield 3
  3. Gary N added a post in a topic I'm confused - New PC   

    sounds like a memory or heat problem to me, take it back pronto...
  4. Gary N added a topic in IP.Content   

    IPContent striped_tags()
    This is my problem including images

    IPBOARD Link

    responce was

    I would like this issue to be looked at in a future release. The front page on the site is generally the most important. That
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  5. Gary N added a post in a topic How do the Gallery maps actually work?   

    not tested i got a pc try this one..
  6. Gary N added a post in a topic How do the Gallery maps actually work?   

    The details for the Map feature to work is stored within the photographs. If you take some pictures on a high end camera with built in GPS then that information is stored within the image. Alternatively a picture taken on an iphone also has that information stored within it.

    If you upload an image with GPS information embedded within it then you get the option to enable the map.
    (The default is off). If none of your images have the embedded GPS information then the option to show the map won’t show.


    For images that don’t have the GPS information embedded within them and you’d like the map to show.

    Then download this program and add the GPS map data to your images then upload them. then you can show the locatio on the map.

    Hope that helps.

    image i used the program on
  7. Gary N added a post in a topic ER: enable reCaptcha on login   

    To be honest Captcha are really annoying for users. I myself find it extremely difficult to read the codes.
    For a spam bots signing up for your site its nothing, currently it cost about $2 per 1000 Captchas that about 0.2 cents per Captcha you may as well turn off Captcha as long as you have a decent Q&A in place that
  8. Gary N added a post in a topic Bug in rotating image   

    Heres the list of what was fixed in 4.0.2 hope that helps.
  9. Gary N added a post in a topic Per forum RSS feeds?   

    Yes. You can create a RSS per forum if you require or add as many forums to it as you like? I feed my news forums to twitter and facebook pages and other forums to my facebook profile page
  10. Gary N added a post in a topic I need PC Building Expertise   

    Sit the motherboard on the table on the static bag it came with.

    Fit the CPU only.

    If it has a speaker connector plug in the speaker. Temporarily remove it from the case if you don’t have one spare. Or it may have an onboard speaker check the manual for that.

    Connect the power supply sockets. The 24 pin ATX power socket AND the PCI-EX additional 12 Volt feed.

    Do not connect anything else, there is no need. Mouse keyboard monitor ect.

    Then using something metal like a screwdriver to short the pins to soft boot the motherboard.

    Even with only the CPU and the motherboard you should hear some post boot bleeps. It should sound like this.

    Beep, pause, beep, pause, beep, pause. Continued.......

    Power off the power supply. Don’t keep it running to long without the fan.

    But a few seconds is ok to test.

    If you hear the bleeps then fit one stick of RAM. And retry.

    If you have a built in graphics card then you should hear . a single beep.

    If there is no built in graphics card then you will hear. Beep beep beep, pause beep.

    If you didn’t hear any beeps. After the first process, then it would be a faulty motherboard and or CPU.

    Recheck you have connected all power cables to the motherboard.
  11. Gary N added a post in a topic help   

    [#10848] We're sorry, but you cannot download files from our Download Manager. If you are seeing this message, it is because you do not hold an active IPB license. If this is a mistake, please contact an administrator. Otherwise, why not show your support for IPB and purchase a license?

    If you hold a perpetual license for the software, you need only purchase the yearly support option to gain full access to this site.

    Theres your answer... this is not the support forum either...
  12. Gary N added a post in a topic one board or two?   

    Thanks for the reply folks , i did find that information out on the after i had posted , yea i normally use a dummy board myself to test mod and apps scripts before going live with them
  13. Gary N added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    one board or two?
    Another quick question .... if i buy the standard licence can i install the boards on 2 sites. I currently run 2 community sites is it one licence per site ?
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  14. Gary N added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    Ok, if I buy ipboard can I?
    If i wanted to buy Ipboard and the gallery now, can i add additional components later on if i change my mind ? like the blog ect. Is there a time restriction on this . say i wanted to buy it after 6 months time and didn
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