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  1. Hi, I'm very pleased with my hosting here at IPS. It's a basic hosting that I signed up to about 5 years ago. But recently they've done changes such as including the database storage into the my total amount of storage. It originally included 100MB and I've used about 70/100MB. The change of including the database have changed my usage to about 300/100MB. It seems they're doing changes to force me to change. I'm very pleased with what I've got so far but I really don't want to change to the new "10 online users" model... Disappointed. Best regards.
  2. Upgrade ticket request since 35 hours.

    48 hours. Nothing yet... yippie...
  3. Upgrade ticket request since 35 hours.

    40.5 hours. Nothing. Can't understand why they can't just tell that there are delays. And it's always pleased to hear someone got his board upgraded in 30 min after a request yesterday morning.
  4. Hi, This is not a criticism. 35 hours ago I asked for a 3.2.0 upgrade (request ID 751060). I wrote in the message that I already accept the disclaimer since it can save time for both of us. I got a response 11 hours after my ticket that couldn't just accept the disclaimer in such a way but had to accept his response which included the disclaimer. If a user is requesting a ticket for upgrade let him accept or dismiss the disclaimer when he sends his massage. It's like registering on a forum and between the page where you choose your username and where you accept the rules you have to wait 10 hours. It's now been 22 hours since my reply where I accepted the disclaimer. How on earth to be organized? "By completing this upgrade request, you are indicating a backup has been made to restore your software and data in the event of upgrade issues." I did this backup when I asked for a upgrade. 35 hours ago... and that is a lot. I know you have a lot to do but please let us know. Regards, joschienne
  5. At the beginning of the day, it’s all about possibilities. At the end of the day, it’s all about results.

  6. Pay with PayPal

    Hi, Is it possible to set an option to pay bills with PayPal? Regards, Johan
  7. CCS Pricing

    Great news! :)
  8. Duplicate page

    Thanks. The home button at the buttom of the page directs you to I checked your webpage and it's the same with index.php? Maybe another redirect line? :) Would be nice if there's a code for this.
  9. Duplicate page

    I have and directed to the same page. I mean ifI click on the IP logo I'm going to I tried: Redirect 301 /index.php?/index But didn't work. " is not my domain!"
  10. Language: Out of Date Entries

    Yes every single one. And also one strange thing. I went through every file and alot of them had a duplicated first string of the second string. So each file started with two same strings and the strange on that strange was that it had a translation of another string.
  11. Language: Out of Date Entries

    Would be nice if someone had a log file with the changes from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1?
  12. Language: Out of Date Entries

    This is a feedback on language! Hi! A staff just upgraded to the latest version 3.0.1. Everything went fine I was going to the language section in the ACP. My default language is different from the english one. The first thing that I see is that there is a column called "Out of Date Entries", which is listing the number of strings from the 3.0.0 version. I have to go through every page and click on go (about some hundreds of times now) to update the entries... boring). What surprised me alot is that the system added and upgraded strings without letting me know which one. So I have to go through every string (thousands of entries... very, very, very boring). IPS must have a function so we can see a list with only the added and updated strings. I don't want to look in a log file and find that change in acp! and go through every page clicking on go! If I have to do this after each small update, I'm going crazy. Regards, Johan
  13. "Recent Status Updates" is not ajax?

    I think it's good that it isn't using ajax, that there is a little time-pain to update your status. Otherwise folks would use it as a shoutbox!
  14. Recent Status Updates

    At the top for president.
  15. (VD) Agenda View