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  1. (TM34) Countdown Members

    Is this coming to IPS 4.x? (couldn't see the support topic)
  2. Progress Bars in Posts [BBCode]

    Good product, any chance of v4.0 release?
  3. Alert Boxes BBCode

    Awesome product, v4.0 release anytime soon?
  4. Tracker

    Does this work with 4.0.1? Thanks
  5. IBSkin Revolution Red

    Looks pretty cool skin I don't think we'd pay $28 for it though, but looks cool.
  6. Tracker in 4.0

    ​That would be awesome
  7. IP.Content sites

    Curman,Here is an example of our website using IP.Content (99% of it bog standard) - is our Store so you can see how IP.Nexus is displayed - products are excellent products to use for personal or business and the customer support whether it's via Support Ticketing or on the forums is superb.
  8. IP.Gallery 4.0

    cheers guys! sorted!
  9. IP.Gallery 4.0

    That was all done as well, but still couldn't. I tested my own admin account as permission for all of it but when I went into the category, I could upload an issue but not to an album. When I went into the album, I couldn't upload any photo or anything.Seemed it only worked when I created an album via myself, I could then add photos.
  10. IP.Gallery 4.0

    Hello,We just purchased IP.Gallery and I've created some albums already, however it seems the only user which can upload photos into that album is the owner. Is it possible to add user/group editors?By editors, I don't mean Moderators, I mean other users/groups which can upload photos also in that album.Basically I've made albums for the games we play in VORTEX, however I want all members in the "Clan Members" group to be able to upload their screenshots into this folder.Can this be done? Can it be a feature of IPS 4.0?Many thanks
  11. Coupon for license?

    I don't think they would inform us of this, and have to wait and see pal
  12. Hi, I think it would be a great addition to have more default payment gateways added to the 4.0 of Nexus which will include Amazon Payments and Google Checkout. I'm aware you can go on the marketplace to get these, but I don't personally think it's worth purchasing these for $16 for the developer of Amazon Payments Mod (Google checkout I believe it free, can't remember), but these are really popular payment methods and considering it has Paypal, it's a good thing to include the next 2 big payment providers. Just a suggestion for IPS.
  13. Take My Money!

    Just for your information, IPS always go the extra mile, other than their software, their customer service also keeps customers renewing their licences.
  14. Hello Gazzak, I can confirm that IP.Nexus has an inbuilt support ticketing system. However this will be an add-on for IP.Board. You can purchase this via your Client Area.
  15. Custom Navigation

    this would be a pretty cool feature :)