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  1. surferboy added a post in a topic Losing my patience with 4.0 Upgrade   

    simple - you can offer constructive advice or you can deliver it by means of lecturing, finger wagging and a demeaning manner.
  2. surferboy added a post in a topic Losing my patience with 4.0 Upgrade   

    dislike this post
  3. surferboy added a post in a topic - Where list of members?   

    Poor turtle. 
    I am really passionate about this subject.  Since our community is free to join, there are those who have not so good intentions, perhaps hoping to not steal our members but send them a PM to support this or that cause or sign up for this or that event, even though our community does not support the event.  Yep, drama.
    So I had the member list removed from our board and instead created a special script to search for members by various fields but only accessible to our premium members. That means they have to pay $x to gain access and it is our hope that this small financial barrier will impose some barriers to the unethical amongst us.
    We also did this for another reason.  Almost our entire site is free to use and guess what, most people don't feel the need to support us by paying a small annual fee.  So we thought that this little feature would be one that people would have to pay to use.
  4. surferboy added a post in a topic How to integrate Prestashop 1.6 with IPS 4.0?   

    We use Prestashop 1.5 with our website but it works along side IP Board instead of connecting with it.  The reason we can do this is that we use aMember as the entry portal to everything - ipb, prestashop, and 4images.  Wish I could help you out with a solution you want.
  5. surferboy added a post in a topic IP.Content to Pages: the nightmare on IPS Street   

    and if I have a problem ... don't the words 'End Of Line' factor in here?  Yes, we are having a gun jammed into our temple, if we want support. 
  6. surferboy added a post in a topic IP.Content to Pages: the nightmare on IPS Street   

    well, gosh, that's why I made a quote out of Rhett's upgrade instructions ... I somehow missed that bit of news.  Your post kind of reminds me of the scene in Batman Begins when the Wayne Enterprises CEO, Rutger Hauer tells Morgan Freeman that he's fired, and then in a rather demeaning tone says, "didn't you get the memo?"
    Since 2009, I have been building up our community site. We have 100 IP. Content blocks.  I am heartened to hear your upbeat outlook about how good it will be to tear down everything I have worked so hard to create just to build a new community, whether or not it needed to be replaced.
    Thanks Joel, your the bestest.
  7. surferboy added a topic in Product Feedback   

    IP.Content to Pages: the nightmare on IPS Street
    Rhett at IPS posted an article about upgrading from 3.x to 4.0, and I will assume it was done to be accompany the IPS "official" 4.0 Suite announcement.  In the article are the disappointing facts about Friends to Followers but the big shocker is the final note:
    There are many community board software products on the market.  I always felt that IP.Content was the one thing that truly differentiated IP.Board from it's competition.  As we have read in other posts, the new Pages blocks do not have filtering options or very limited filtering options.  Now we (I) read that I will have to redo all of my blocks.  What exactly does that mean?  
    Does it mean that if you have a default block but a custom layout, you have to redo it?Does it mean that if you have followed IPS word for word,  that they cannot be responsible for any third party modifications and the use of anything but the default skin, and only used the default blocks, that all of those will have to be redone?Does it mean that if you never changed your article templates, that you only used the default as designed by BFarber, that they will still have to be redone?I am stunned.  This isn't an upgrade. This is tearing down the house that some of us (I) just built in the last few years instead of a remodel.
    Could IPS please comment on the technical reasons why all of the blocks have to be redone?  Do we have to redo our blogs from scratch too? (That's a rhetorical question obviously). 
    I just do not understand how IPS could take their singular signature item, and so totally change it that for those of us who use IP.Content heavily, it almost means starting over.
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  8. surferboy added a post in a topic IP. Nexus 5.0?   

    does this apply for all products or just digital products?  I thought in the previous Nexus, you could buy items as a guest? Too much saltwater in my ear again?
  9. surferboy added a post in a topic IP.Content Blocks lost 95% of it's filtering options in 4.x?   

    Ditto what CheersnGears said.  Another item for the private developer to implement. We use blocks extensively.  @matt have a look at our installation,  I can pm you the name of the ip.content folder ... since it has been renamed ... but we use a ton of blocks and many of them use various filters.
  10. surferboy added a comment 4.07 Blog RSS Import Feed   

    I don't have 4.07 setup so it's difficult to weigh in with any kind of authority.  We do this a lot and in 3.3.4, I always login as the user to help people set up their blog RSS import feed.
  11. surferboy added a post in a topic Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor   

    ​You are the bestest of the best. You Rock.  I'll wax your board every week for life.
  12. surferboy added a post in a topic Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor   

  13. surferboy added a post in a topic Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor   

    Speaking on behalf of casual users, I would not expect that content outside a quote box would be pulled inside a quote box at any time, unless I specifically copied and pasted the content.  If an editor does that, it is not working properly. The whole function of a quote box is to separate a selection of content, either captured or placed there intentionally, and until the quote box is deleted, the content or lack of it should be inviolate.
  14. surferboy added a post in a topic Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor   

    Let's see, I use the @ symbol to refer to RevengeFNF so I think most people would reasonably assume that I was referring to his post.  I watched his screen capture videos and observed in the first video that he highlighted the content inside the quote box and hit delete.  The result was not an empty quote box but rather, the pulling of content outside the quote box to inside the box.  That to me is not how an editor should function.  Then, in the second video, you can see how he hits backspace inside the quote box and the outside content is pulled into the quote box.
  15. surferboy added a post in a topic Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor   

    That is beyond maddening.  Thank you for taking the time to show a concrete, specific example.  To me, edit means edit.  So if you can't edit your post, whatever parts, the editor simply does not work.