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  1. surferboy added a topic in General Chit Chat   

    Need for Mobile VPN ?
    This topic has nothing to do with IPS.  Thus the General Chit Chat forum.
    When I went into Gold's Gym tonight, I signed on to their wifi which had no password. I always leave my mobile turned on even though it sits in the locker when I am working out.  No sooner had I logged on to the wifi network than my Avast antivirus system launched a popup warning me that the network is open and my mobile could be hacked. 
    Avast offered my a VPN app to protect my phone which I downloaded on the spot.  It's a 7 day trial - obviously a way to get me to buy the service. 
    Do I need a VPN for my mobile in an unsecured wifi network?
    Thanks for any comments or advice.
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  2. surferboy added a post in a topic What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?   

    IP.Content external embedded widgets is a huge one for us.  But so is Classifieds.  This topic is really worthwhile although even more scary with the mention of messed up url's.
    The number of bugs and issues being reported makes me not want to upgrade for months if not for a year or more.
    The elimination of the friend feature really impacts our community set up.
    Because of the number of custom apps we have installed, it will also take a lot of time.
    I think this says it the best:
    I do think IPS needs to address this issue of 3rd party applications supported both by non-staff and by their internal staff.  For the former, with the slow pace of some of the mods updates, I think IPS needs to provide a carrot incentive to encourage faster development.  Although I am not privy to the financial situation, I think IPS should lower their "cut" on the sale of the third party mod for upgrades within a certain timeframe.  For the latter, I really think this is a conflict of interest and something that needs an internal review
  3. surferboy added a post in a topic Windows 10   

    Are you using 3.4 or 4.0?  If you are using 3.4, I'd love to hear how IP.Board works in Edge browser, especially the text editor and comments but also how it handles css ...
  4. surferboy added a post in a topic Email notification settings change is needed   

    I would like to add my voice to consideration of restoring the current notification settings that in place for our 3.x subscriptions.  To presume that all of our members will eagerly and enthusiastically respond to an upgrade email from me, telling them to drop what they are doing, log in and suddenly become familiar with the new format and settings, instantly understand it, and reset everything that they can't remember how it was set before to their preferred settings is really pushing the envelope.
    Why can't this just be an upgrade preference from 3.x to 4.x, if it is so complicated to include as default?
  5. surferboy added a post in a topic Windows 10   

    Anyone find problems with Edge and IPB 4.0?
  6. surferboy added a post in a topic "Perrsonal" statuses and exporting   

    Just curious how the new 4.0 reverse status import works.  Is it the same as 3.x? My understanding of 3.X status share to external social media also meant the flood gates were open for all of an individual's external posts ... such as "I just ate two red velvet cupcakes. Am I bad or just overly healthy?"  I personally would like to regulate the status sharing to one-way, outbound only.
  7. surferboy added a post in a topic IPB 4.0 Messenger - User Interaction Failure   

    Hi Lindy,
    Well we don't use Facebook as a message platform per se.  From time to time, people send messages and we reply but I'm not real familiar or accustomed to using Facebook. In fact, I have a hard time finding the message area or the posted links since we mostly just post news on our page.
    The same applies for Twitter but I did take a look at my Galaxy S5 phone just now and I clicked on the icon for messages and saw there were two.  I noticed the symbol at the top for more details with the screen (I think they are like 3 vertical dots).  When I clicked on that, I got a drop down that was very intuitive to me.  There are four choices:
    Add peopleTurn off notificationsDelete conversationSettingsThat is extremely intuitive to me. 
    I'll send you a pm with some other, private observations but to me, the words 'Delete conversation' or 'Delete message' is extremely intuitive and meaningful, as a casual user. Anybody gets that.  Now, I do get what some are saying, and you as well, that deleting the conversation altogether may not be a good idea.  It's kind of like having a sent folder where you can refer to the conversation.  But I do think having the ability to 'delete' is important, from the point of view of the initiator of the message.  The action would have two effects: the first would be to archive the message for reference but it could not be reengaged, and second, the action of 'deletion' would show up on the 'invited participants' end as showing the message is closed for further communication.  How would it look? Maybe some kind of red color or word that says the message is closed.  Now what about people on the receiving end of a message? They should be able to delete as well.  Whether or not it is saved in an archive is probably up for debate - perhaps the act of their deletion could create a query such as "would you like to receive an email copy of this conversation" much like online support chats do? If the person says no, then it gets deleted from the receiver's records.  To me, if the receiver has deleted the message or to entertain your wording usage, 'left the conversation,' that person should not longer appear in the header portion of the message as being a part of the message.  If the sender is the only person still standing, so to speak, then you might have some kind of word that appears that says something like 'all recipients have deleted this message.'
    Again, for me, as a casual user, I want to look at my list of messages and see a trash icon or an 'X' and simply delete the message.  What happens to it is not my concern, as a casual user.  Asking for an email copy before deletion would be really nice and a way to address the overflow in the database.
    I realize there are lots of various possible scenarios involved here what with multiple participants and how to handle them.  To me, the sender has the priority, and if he marks it for deletion, then the receiver should be notified that the pm has been closed and would they like a copy sent via email, and if not, it will be deleted now.
    Hope that helps and thanks for listening!
  8. surferboy added a post in a topic IPB 4.0 Messenger - User Interaction Failure   

    Okay, good point on that but ... the misleading portion still exists ... that being the belief that the reply is actually going to the other person in the conversation who casual users may not realize have 'left the conversation.'  I did that twice in sending a PM to Kevin Carwile here on this board. I kept wondering why he had not replied.  It was only on careful triple checking that I discovered he had left the conversation ... and even then, I didn't know what that meant (again think of me as the bread and butter of any community, the casual user), and it was only after going back and forth with this topic and with the messenger that I then understood that two replies that I had sent to Kevin never in fact reached him.
  9. surferboy added a post in a topic IPB 4.0 Messenger - User Interaction Failure   

    Thanks for the clarification.  Somehow it seemed easier (read readily apparent) to me how to delete messages in 3.x
    One additional item I do want to mention here as product feedback is the lack of structural integrity with a message that has one of the participants as 'left the conversation.'  What I mean by that is there is no pop up, no warning, no error message if you post a reply to a current message with the other participant marked as 'left the conversation.'  Since that status is greyed out, it isn't obvious to the casual user. 
    Someone please correct me if I am wrong but if I post a reply to a PM that only has me remaining in the conversation (meaning the other party has left the conversation), the reply is accepted and appears to have been sent but in fact it goes nowhere.  To me that is a really serious flaw. 
  10. surferboy added a post in a topic IPB 4.0 Messenger - User Interaction Failure   

    Ahhh, okay, now I get it, at least how to remove some of my messages.  Although your explanation of "hang on" better helped me understand the developers' motivations, I still think for the casual user (not admin and moderators), it is clearer to use icons (an "X" or a trash can), along with a tool tip that better explains what happens to the PM. 
    To the developers: why the need for the explanation and a tooltip? Because a casual user may not understand that the other party may be able to hold on to the PM when it is deleted.  The casual user may think they are erasing all history of xyz drama. 
    Further recommendation: in view of the @3DKiwi and @Arai, it would make the most sense to add a setting the ACP that either allowed a full deletion (gives the superadmin the right to set the rules for his/her db/community by either staying with the IPS default 'leaving conversation' (aka one-sided deletion) or full on deletion)
    Thanks for your reply.
  11. surferboy added a topic in Product Feedback   

    IPB 4.0 Messenger - User Interaction Failure
    Hi -
    I pride myself on my ability to see the ipboard through the eyes of a casual user, and using my oft-cited mantra, 'Don't Make Me Think,' I find that the 4.0 Messenger is making me search and think and now scream bloody murder. 
    I wanted to send a new PM.  I got a pop up that my message box is full and that I need to empty some of the messages. I have searched everywhere for a simple, universally understandable word like 'delete' and cannot find one.  Unless one of you is willing to step into a transporter and appear next to me at my desk, how am I, the casual user, supposed to instantly grasp how to delete a message?
    Does 'leave a conversation' equal delete a message? How in the world am I supposed to know that? I just use the board, and communicate, and I would hope every developer on here would understand that this is exactly what a casual user does.
    Recommendation: add text or change the language string or make it more obvious, with a trash can icon perhaps, to understand how to delete a PM.
    And would someone please reply and tell me how to delete a PM because for the life of me, I still have not figured it out!!!  Acckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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  12. surferboy added a topic in Company Feedback   

    start showing off some of the ips 4.0 bells and whistles
    Although most of the bells and whistles are kind of right in your face, there are some features that you aren't using.  I can't think of them all but one near and dear to our community site is the use of sidebars.  Why not add a who's online right sidebar to say ... a particular forum, or topics in a particular forum ... like client lounge?
    And at the same time, here's a shoutout to everyone else to add ideas of showing the "goods" in other ways around the ips site.  I know that IPS does that on the forum index page but because it is the forum index page, and everyone is accustomed to seeing the sidebar items on that particular page, that's my reasoning for mixing it up a little.
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  13. surferboy added a post in a topic Losing my patience with 4.0 Upgrade   

    simple - you can offer constructive advice or you can deliver it by means of lecturing, finger wagging and a demeaning manner.
  14. surferboy added a post in a topic Losing my patience with 4.0 Upgrade   

    dislike this post
  15. surferboy added a post in a topic - Where list of members?   

    Poor turtle. 
    I am really passionate about this subject.  Since our community is free to join, there are those who have not so good intentions, perhaps hoping to not steal our members but send them a PM to support this or that cause or sign up for this or that event, even though our community does not support the event.  Yep, drama.
    So I had the member list removed from our board and instead created a special script to search for members by various fields but only accessible to our premium members. That means they have to pay $x to gain access and it is our hope that this small financial barrier will impose some barriers to the unethical amongst us.
    We also did this for another reason.  Almost our entire site is free to use and guess what, most people don't feel the need to support us by paying a small annual fee.  So we thought that this little feature would be one that people would have to pay to use.